These three-dimensional images allow you to visualize your office's best qualities. As the world is forever changing, we want to give you the opportunity to view your workplace from a new perspective and incorporate up-to-date design trends. These tools will help you visually represent your company's core values and mission statements to their fullest potential.

Horizon Therapeutics

Horizon Therapeutics is a multinational biopharmaceutical company focused on researching, developing, and commercialising medicines that address critical needs. It was crucial for us to create an identity that matched the company's mission statement: "Science and compassion must work together to transform lives". We created wall-sized graphics using soothing colours so people would feel calm while looking at them. Customers appear in these visuals so they can connect with Horizon Therapeutics and tell their stories. It was important to us that we showcase Horizon Therapeutics' care for their employees through the recreation rooms they provide. To do so, we have showcased 3D models of various rooms through detailed renderings emphasising the importance of physical and mental wellness.


SFW is a well-established distributor whose corporate culture has always been based on Innovation, Vision and Value since 1977. As such, creativity, agility and resourcefulness have been at the root of its success throughout the years - an idea that can't be lost as trends continue to change over time. We 3D designed this office space to cater specifically to these values and ideals through different aspects of design; namely, staircases doubling as seating areas which provide excellent circulation and are perfect for events or simply relaxing during hectic lunch hours. An environmental friendly kitchen space brings SFW's corporate philosophy closer to reality in terms of connecting with nature while still on company grounds. The thoughtfully planned upper floor area allows for private meeting spaces where confidentiality isn't compromised.


Mastercard is one of the top payment networks in the international banking industry and partners with many different banks worldwide to offer their services. They promote an inclusive, digital economy where people can benefit from them all over the globe by adding safety, simplicity, intelligence and accessibility to every transaction. To make these ideas clear within their office buildings, we decided on a simplistic design that does not take away from natural light or open spaces, which improves employee communication. Mesh and wooden sliding doors provide protection without detracting from the minimalist beauty of the office layout, adding peace of mind for those who enjoy being at work but still crave privacy when needed. This trend has been growing globally for interior designers.

Merrion Square South

Merrion Square sits at the centre of one of Dublin city's most beautiful squares. It is home to a rich Dublin history that has helped it become Ireland's number one financial hub. Every detail in this new office space mirrors that prideful past through a colour scheme inspired by some of Ireland's finest architectural feats - blue shades complimenting both floor plan and building structure alike seamlessly blend together with plush carpets lining the floors. Gold accents were added throughout for extra richness and luxury. A biophilic-designed rooftop garden rounds off this fantastic office space for staff and visitors alike.

Alpha FX

Alpha FX, a company that combines robust currency management solutions with cutting-edge technology and people, is trusted by some of the world's most recognised organisations for currency management. This essence is something we wanted to include in our 3D-rendered workplace designs. Because of their emphasis on environmental sustainability. We wanted to ensure that their new office space represented the company's main slogan, "Different ingredients. Different outcomes," by including a modern, clean, and a minimalist style that stands out amid today's congested office spaces.

Aparto Binary Hub

At Aparto Binary, we designed the office layout with professionalism and community in mind. The main work area is combined with a TV/multimedia centre and an open-plan atmosphere; this makes it suitable for both group pitches and leisure time. Thanks to soothing colours throughout the building, staff can focus on what matters without feeling tired or strained from looking at lots of different colours all day long - this includes the comfy cubicle booths that provide excellent venues for spontaneous creative discussions about new ideas. With its lush garden containing minimal distractions, Aparto Binary offers users respite from everyday life by providing them with ample opportunities to disconnect from daily worries while still experiencing luxurious peace at every level. Additionally, there are plenty of options for kids, including rocking horses and an intelligently placed projection screen where kids and adults can watch their favourite entertainment.


The fundamental essence of biophilic design and peacefulness encapsulates this 3D-designed setting for the Buddalife workplace. Yoga mats and nature-inspired sound panels are used everywhere to emphasise the significance of wellbeing. In addition, we added numerous soothing sitting options for customers utilising buddalife's own buddabag items as balance through comfort is the central theme of this area. This design complements each carefully selected component, creating an eco-sphere where users can relax and regain their equilibrium. To bring users closer to nature, lush grass replaces standard carpet. A well-placed television leads employees on meditative experiences, lowering the danger of burnout.

Business in Naas

There are so many different industries operating in Naas Town, which is why it seemed natural for us to showcase our rendering skills and bring innovation to the local businesses here. Our ideal setting features modernized furniture, gleaming marble floors, and warm lighting that accentuates this space's efficiency. Glass walls and strategically placed mirrors allow more natural light inside while creating an airy ambience. Tones of beige, wood and salmon are used to offer contrast against the rough exterior made from red stone bricks. A simplistic but effective bright sign is placed outside and is aimed to catch the attention of passersby.

Healthnet Arran Quay

The Healthnet Arran Quay shop was designed with pleasurable mental health in mind. Drawing from the fundamentals of psychology, this 3D rendered shop space is the perfect example of what a mental health service shop should look like, with calming colour tones throughout utilising the power of white to induce relief and serenity to the customers. Thoughtfully placed marble, rock walls and greenery tie nature into the space. Oval movable overhead light sources allow for specific areas to be illuminated, drawing attention to the prominently displayed Healthnet logo and front desk. Usage of wooden furniture keeps up with sustainability efforts made by making use of natural resources. Line-art paintings are hung up against the walls, each one portraying an illness of some sort. Allowing for visitors to feel drawn towards whichever image resonates with them the most.

Mckeon Group

The McKeaon Group office space was made with the modern-day workplace in mind.

Keeping efficiency and ease of use at heart, we decided on a low partition office layout; this way, employees can feel comfortable enough to interact with one another while still having some privacy from colleagues at other desks nearby. We included a large whiteboard which allows the space to easily transition from individual work time to group pitches or brainstorming sessions. We wanted to make the office inspire employees with its motto, so we decorated it with innovation in mind so that employees would feel free to express themselves and freely connect with each other.


A virescent hue is found throughout the space. The dangling light fixtures in the kitchen give off a lighthearted ambience and are perfect for lunchtime users. Stone has been incorporated into the design, bringing about an atmosphere reminiscent of a cave, with mood lighting and cool marble covering surfaces. Decorative wood flooring cover surfaces where necessary, adding natural warmth to the already calming environment. In the main waiting area, you can find room for both workers and guests; whether they are waiting or making an important call, there will always be room for them here.


Nature and sustainability are the core focus of this office space, where hints of wooden furniture can be found all around. Earth-toned carpets and natural lighting help create a comfortable work environment. Glass walls separate a conference room and private offices while allowing enough privacy for both workers and clients - eliminating distractions and creating a welcoming atmosphere for all who enter it. This office has implemented biophilic design principles, encouraging people to interact with nature through many aspects, such as plants and natural materials. The outer appearance of the building reflects what goes on inside - turning an unassuming lobby area into an attractive visual display through clever use of textures and naturalistic colour schemes. Each separate lighting fixture has been strategically placed on showcase walls—perfect for showcasing new or updated models from Ocuco Lighting Designs, allowing them to stand out no matter where one looks. An open floor sitting plan allows visitors to fully immerse into the ambience of this office space.

Dublin Public Toilet

An authentic portrayal of an environmentally conscious public restroom. With a disability ramp to accommodate all who need access to the bathroom while blending seamlessly into the natural surroundings. Mother Nature's beauty can be seen through every detail, making this a true work of art that needs no embellishment whatsoever.


The latest minimalist design trend is utilised in this TPI lunchroom rendering. With just the right amount of space and comfort, it is aimed at satisfying the user's needs. To keep the area looking tidy, overhanging lamps and hidden lighting strips are used throughout. Using vertical wooden panels makes for an elegant look without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.

Walls Construction

This office space uses achromatic colour schemes. A long whiteboard on the wall allows this room to transform into a meeting or brainstorming room - with sufficient space. Employees can work with one another and present their ideas without feeling confined. This desk is also constructed using innovative engineering, making it movable and capable of transforming into a conference table - so there will never be an issue when arranging seating arrangements. Windows provide natural light, which reduces eye strain due to prolonged staring at screens.

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