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Our Capabilities

Design. Production. Installation. In-House.

Creating dynamic environments

The Power of Collaboration.

Vision consistently strives to deliver world-world-class innovative design, production and installations for our national and global branding projects. Vision’s core value surrounds collaboration; with our staff, our clients, and our partners. Through this collaborative ethos, we are able to create a culture filled with positivity, growth and high standards.

Our reach is global and we do not allow oceans or borders to prevent us from carrying out our mission. We partner with local teams across the world to deliver even the most complex projects. We believe collaboration is the key ingredient in a successful project.


Design and Production Teams

Our multi-disciplinary design team collaborates with our in house production facilities to use the latest technologically advanced machinery and production techniques to create top of the range branding solutions. With total control over the full process, our teams are able to ensure that all projects are up to standard and delivered on time.


Vision acts as a channel partner that unites architects, building companies, design firms, facility managers, marketing agencies, and brand managers to ensure the most compatible individuals are collaborating to deliver and implement various projects. 

Design Support

We collaborate with each stakeholder in order to offer design support in the form of art conceptual sketching, full graphic design rendering, and concept development as we understand the design challenges of delivering a brief. We work with individuals to ensure each client receives the most innovative and highest quality outcome. 

Vision Creative Studios

Vision is part of the Vision Creative Studios group. Vision Creative Studios is a 30,000 sq ft innovation and collaboration orientated design studio with a multidisciplinary mix of companies that share resources, design teams, IP, and niche high end finishing and production machinery.


Vision’s design team works with the client’s team right through from the initial brief to the final installation to ensure that the client’s vision is being fulfilled. Production of sample materials, 3D visuals of the design, and brief meetings are essential parts of the process as it allows the client to have control over the project. Our experience and constant research of innovative printing processes, products and display systems ensure that each company can choose from different design concepts and material options. Your vision is our priority and we push the boundaries of design to guarantee your satisfaction.


Our business model is focused on producing all of our work in-house in order to keep total control over the process. This allows us to provide a very quick turnaround time and ensures that quality is never compromised. Our HP Latex printers use water-based inks in order to produce high-resolution images with extremely vivid & lively colours. Our U.V printing process for glass, wood and plastic ensures durability and scratch-resistant results. The textile and fabric printing department prints onto curtains, blinds, upholstery and many other media, allowing for unique design solutions. All vinyl prints are laminated to ensure protection from fading and general wear & tear, making the final print immune to most surface scratching & cleaning products.


Our skilful team of installers have many years of experience in overcoming the most diverse challenges. These can range from surface areas not being prepped for branding or glass partitions that were not fitted in the agreed-upon time. Strong coordination with stakeholders such as the building companies and fit-out contractors is essential. Our team's efficient communication skills allow for potential issues to be reported and solved immediately, therefore ensuring we can meet the deadlines for all of our projects.

Project Management

Vision assigns a project manager to each project in order to act as a link between the building contractor, the architect and  Vision’s design, production & installation teams. The project manager ensures that the branding projects meet all of the deadlines by coordinating the areas ready for installation with the building contractor.

As our products are the last element in the building process, deadlines are normally tight. Any on-site issues, such as extras or changes required by the client, are dealt with by the project manager and communicated to the relevant parties. This allows for a smooth process and guarantees that deadlines are met and that the agreed-upon materials are used.

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