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    Acustica x Vision Branding

    Collaboration between Acustica and Vision Branding


Acustica is a part of the Radaelli group. Based in Northern Italy the Radaelli group established in 1962 are specialised in mdf, laminants and wood engeneering. An Italian artisan of manufacturor. Radaelli is specialized in the production of solid wood and wrapped moldings, and has a long history of bringing together technology, experience and creativity. The company is located in Brianza, an area with a high concentration of technology and know-how in the interior design and furniture sectors, and has a qualified team carrying out continual research into innovative products which are then certified and guaranteed. Radaelli makes its products using technologically advanced machinery. Every production batch is individually programmed to ensure the customer receives the best possible product and service for every single article and finish.



Radacoustic  is differentiated into three types of interlocking product for covering ceilings and walls. These are Soundproofing DogaDecorative Doga system with FresateFull Façade Doga system. In the Soundproofing Doga system , the staves are drilled perpendicular to the thickness and intersected by milled on the front and back faces. In the Decorative Doga system with Fresate , the slats are milled on the front faces. The junction of the staves in the Full Façade Doga system is achieved by means of a joint which determines a seamless effect between the staves themselves. 


Soundproofing Doga

Decorative Doga with Fresate

Full Façade Doga 

Decor Laminate Wood


The soundproofing characteristic  obtained by drilling perpendicular to the intersected thickness when milled on both sides is maintained thanks to the capillary drilling step d0.5p5 mm. The use of laser technology for the decoration of staves offers the market an innovative product, unique in its appearance of particular and refined aesthetics.


Applications of Acustica

Acustica is a new sound-absorbing system for walls and ceilings, a combination of highly- specialized technology and refined coordinated finishes. The system is made up of finely-machined interlocking modular boards with sound-absorbing interconnecting grooves and perforations which guarantee reduced noise pollution. Acustica is easy to install thanks to a range of specially-designed accessories, making it suitable for a wide range of uses. The system includes elements for the installation of swinging, sliding and rotating doors, niches and containers finished with the same decor, free-standing partitions, and false ceilings with inset lighting. The wide range and beauty of the finishes makes Acustica suitable not only for public rooms and areas such as waiting rooms, halls, meeting rooms, offices, gyms, libraries, showrooms, bars and restaurants but also for residential environments such as home theaters, reading rooms and lounges.


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