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Acoustics is part of the BuzziSpace legacy. From the very beginning, it has been the driving force, and it still is to this day. With a commitment to quality design, BuzziSpace provide not only beautiful and straightforward designs, but products that serve a purpose. Here at Vision we utilise the ingenuity of BuzziSpace products to deliver the highest quality projects.



This group of acoustic panels, with different depths, absorb sound thanks to their thick layers of foam. They will definitely make sure that the sound waves in your room don’t reflect back. Give your space the sound treatment it deserves. The extraordinary noise-absorbing capabilities of the foam, with its density and porosity, makes this solution an acoustic must-have, as it works on all sound frequencies.


BuzziLight Alhambra & Royal


A classic that blends light and acoustics in laser-cut patterns from the award-winning BuzziFalls collection, Alhambra and Royal. The cut-outs create dramatic shadows that extend outwards to the walls as the light peeks through the patterns. This is the ideal acoustic lighting solution for offices, restaurants, hotels, residences and more.

Despite its lightweight design, the felt body has a large surface area that with a cylindrical design traps sound waves within its circular body. In turn, the round shape reduces noise from all sides. Combine different suspension heights to prevent sound traveling in large space with high ceilings.

BuzziLight Mono


BuzziLight was the first acoustic lighting solution launched by BuzziSpace in 2008. Immediately communicating their mission, the lamp balanced the need for diffused lighting, fun and acoustics. The strong vertical lines have been CNC-cut and is available in a range of bright BuzziFelt colors. As the light peeks through the patterns, dramatic shadows extend outwards to the walls.




Ideal to brighten up corners and nooks with a pinch of creativity. The tackable surface offers the possibility to personalize walls with notes and images.Despite its small footprint, the large surface provides excellent absorption capabilities. It is the perfect solution for reducing speech and high tones in a space.




The ideal solution for acoustic issues in spaces already equipped. There is always an opportunity to have a sound-treated room with BuzziTiles. By using multiple tiles and playing around with different fabrics, sizes, and patterns, you can create a personalized wall with impressive noise-reducing functionality.


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