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    Collaboration between Kvadrat and Vision Branding Solutions

Kvadrat X Vision Branding

Kvadrat are dedicated to pushing the aesthetic and technological boundaries of acoustic solutions. Reflecting this, Soft Cells acoustic panels set the benchmark for sustainability, flexibility and durability. Soft Cells are used in numerous visionary architectural developments all over the world. These include: The Royal Danish Library, Oxford University, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Rolls-Royce and Microsoft. Kvadrat Soft Cells is a Kvadrat-owned company. Established in Denmark in 1968, Kvadrat holds a leading position in Europe’s high-quality contemporary textiles market.

Soft Cell

Soft Cells are acoustic panels which can be mounted both on walls and ceilings. Available in customisable sizes, shapes and colours, and upholstered in Kvadrat textiles, they can be seamlessly integrated into any design scheme. Soft Cells bring acoustic comfort, aesthetic excellence and tactile surfaces into a space. In doing so, they provide a solution to the acoustic challenges of modern architecture and promote productivity. Sustainably designed and durable, Soft Cells frames are made with a minimum of 40% recycled aluminium. They include a patented tensioning mechanism, which ensures they are unaffected by temperature or humidity for years. 


Acoustic Curtains

Acoustic curtains enable you to optimise spaces by providing control over light and sound reverberation. Unlike other sound absorption solutions, their level of performance can be adjusted, as it varies according to whether they are draped as folded or panel curtains. Kvadrats acoustic curtains are well-suited to contemporary architecture, which typically features facades with large windows. They are particularly ideal for hospitality venues, office environments, and other spaces where the intelligibility of sound and speech, balanced lighting and acoustic comfort is paramount.


Drops Acoustic

Melu Acoustic

Kvadrat X Vision

Vision’s installation of the Kvadrat Clara fabric over our 25mm Acoustic care with a phonotrack system creates a seamless finish. Vision installed the 2 fabrics together and using over 25 mm acoustic foams along with our track system the finish was seamless. Working around services and lights is also installed by our experienced team flawlessly. All fabrics are fire retardant treated and this allows the fabric to reach class O.


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