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    Collaboration between Texaa® and Vision Branding


Texaa® is an independent company specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of acoustic materials. Our products all comprise a sound-absorbent foam within a layer of Aeria*, our sound transparent fabric is available in a range of 22 colours. All Texaa® products are highly durable. In combination with the specialist printing techniques available at Vision Branding this collaboration has allowed us to offer a fully customisable acoustic product, allowing for design led products to come to fruition to deliver the highest standards to our customers.

Texaa®’s Vibrasto "Evolution"


Texaa®’s Vibrasto provides acoustic performances of the highest level, to meet the most demanding specifications. It also offers a simple and particularly efficient solution for implementing made-to-measure sound absorbing surfaces in a variety of situations, whatever the constraints. It is fitted using simple L-shaped or T-shaped battens, making it possible to cover large areas while guaranteeing a perfect finish. It is also possible to request the design of complex and colourful geometric layouts, or to clad curved surfaces and underscore relief by cladding facetted shapes.


Breathing Ceiling Strato


Born from Texaa®’s expertise in the field of transparent textiles and acoustic object solutions, Strato provides a coherent, innovative system which may be used to build ceilings of varying configurations to suit a wide range of spaces. Strato is composed of modules which may be fitted together in combination or made to measure to offer effective interior design solutions or enhance the acoustic comfort of any given space.



Single-Sided Stereo Panels



Stereo panels are available in a wide range of designs. Used in isolation or grouped together, fitted to walls or ceilings or suspended into empty space, Stereo panels may be used in an infinite array of combinations. The may be implemented in response to widely varying needs, for example, treating a given volume as a whole or providing pinpointed treatment for a specific portion. They offer not only an extremely high level of acoustic performance, but also contribute to a space’s overall staging and design. Stereo panels evolve through time along with the spaces they inhabit – they are easy to take down and just as easy to refit in a new layout.


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