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    Collaboration between Vescom and Vision


Vescom develops, produces and distributes high-quality interior products for the international contract market: wallcovering, upholstery, curtain fabrics and acoustics. Vescom curtains absorb up to five times more sound than customary transparent curtain fabrics. This collaboration has allowed us to offer a fully customisable acoustic product, allowing for design led products to come to fruition to deliver the highest standards to our customers. 

Transparent, Acoustic Curtain Fabrics 


Vision have become adept in Vescom's complete upholstery range, using several ranges such as cres on a variety of projects. Noise is disruptive: Sound disrupts communication, reduces work performance and causes fatigue. Do you want to improve the acoustics and understanding in a room, partition an open space or, on the contrary, connect it and/or create a flexible workplace or more privacy? Vescom's transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics are the solution. These reduce the echo time, absorb sound and improve understanding. 


acoustic: alphaw 0.5-0.8  

The porosity of the fabrics and the special weaving technology used in their production enable them to absorb up to five times more sound than other transparent curtain fabrics. A light, transparent curtain has a standard alphaw of 0.15. Formoza αw 0.8, Corsica aw 0.65, Capri aw 0.65, Carmen αw 0.5 and Marmara αw 0.5.


Architects, designers and office fitters can create a visual, translucent separation or connect a room with Vescom's transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics without significantly disrupting the conditions. The fabrics allow light to shine through and conform to any room.

Flame Retarding and Safe  

The fabrics are fire safe and suitable for the contract market because 100% flame-retarding yarns have been used. The transparent, acoustic curtain fabrics meet the most stringent European standard for public buildings.


Functional and Problem-Solving 

Three functions in one curtain fabric. Translucent, maximum sound absorption and flame retardant.

Lightweight and Extremely Strong 

The curtain fabrics are extremely thin and lightweight – and also extremely strong.


Corsica, Capri, Marmara and Formoza are floor-to-ceiling (± 3 metres) and therefore can be made up without seams.

Vescom Wallcovering

The Vescom wallcovering collection knows no bounds, so allow your imagination to run free! There are over 150 patterns available in a palette of more than 2,000 colours, along with a myriad of customisation options using digital printed wallcovering to meet tailor-made requirements. Vescom's wallcovering collection comes in ranges of both textiles and Vinyl.

Vision offers the ability to utilise any wall covering produced by Vescom, with the ability for full customisation through specialist printing techniques. 


Vescom x Vision Branding

Vision have utilised many of Vescoms product designs to great effect. Through specialised printing techniques Vision can produce design led products incorporating the heart of any business into the designs. Through ingenuity Vision have utilised the Vescoms textiles to produce the AC50mm baffles. 



AC50mm Baffle


The AC50mm Baffle is a combination of Vescom's cres design from their upholstery collection wrapped around a 50mm acoustic baffle creating a completely unique product. Vescom's upholstery textiles combine functionality with beauty. The products satisfy the technical requirements that the contract market demands, including flame retardancy and durability. The technical and aesthetic qualities combined in one makes this collection unique.

Vision has three teams to facilitate the Installation of cress baffles.  A design team to ensure that the individual customers designs are met, a production team and an installation team. Ensuring the seamless delivery of your acoustic solution.

Vision X Vescom - Wall Covering


Vision Vibe system Cres

Vision Vibe system Cres

Vision Vibe system Balta

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