Amazon Office Branding Solution

Amazon chose Vision to communicate in their offices in Ireland. Vision worked close with the architects to deliver bespoke environmental graphics. This project was completed within extremely tight deadlines with the highest quality.

Encapsulating the heart of Amazon

Our design team and the architects in charge of the project decided to use environmental graphics for this space which included glass manifestation, wall graphics, 3D printed glass, corrugated feature fins and signage across 6 floors in Amazon’s new HQ in Dublin. Vision designed, produced and installed this project, deploying experts in each field and solid communication lines to ensure deadlines were met

For this space, our team designed environmental solutions that were practical, inspiring and innovative. Similar to the core values at the heart of Amazon. 

Creating a Dynamic Work Environment


Vision Branding operates within the Vision Creative Studio. The studio is a combination of over 40 market leading companies specialising in a range of different fields. This gave Vision a wealth of information and connections to tap into to allow for a smooth completion of this project.

Our mission in every branded environment project is to design a solution that reflects the company’s brand’s DNA rather than our own style and preferences. That’s why we closely collaborate with our clients from the very start, to gather as much information as possible about their business.

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