Branding for Exhibitions

Through years of experience in designing branded exhibition stands for international events, we have learned that marketing teams, brand managers and anyone else who is involved in the planning of a stand for an exhibition become stressed when thinking about the organisation process of setting up an exhibition stand. From the number of different companies or internal departments they will have to deal with, to the planning of a stand and its installation. We have designed and installed numerous exhibition stands and we do it all in-house, meaning you cut back on the number of people you have to go through to turn your vision into the perfect exhibition that reflects the ethos of your brand.

Exhibition Branding - Process

Everything starts with a free consultation where we discuss your requirements, your brand proposition, your budget and above all the goals that your company is trying to achieve through this project. Our design team will create mock-ups for your bespoke exhibition stand based on your brand guideline or we can create a new identity if necessary.

Our exhibition stand designers strive to fulfil your needs, from traditional shell schemes to large bespoke stands that truly communicate a brand culture and create a meaningful impact on those who experience your exhibition.

Our experienced designers will take the profile of the audience into account–as well as the stands next to your branding exhibition–in order to fulfil the potential of the stand in terms of impact and distinction, sending out a positive and memorable message.

Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design

Once the design mock-ups are approved, our production team manufactures and prints all aspects of your project in-house, to the highest standards and using the latest technologies. Our in-house carpentry team can build marketing props, design one-off custom pieces and incorporate wood, acrylic, aluminium, steel and led systems into a stand. Systems that can be easily transported and easily erected by sales staff such as ‘Off the shelf modular exhibition stands’ are also available.

Your needs are our priority and we will work with you to ensure the most suitable solutions for your brand are being used throughout the process. Due to our in-house production process, there is total control over every aspect of the exhibition design meaning quality is closely monitored and changes are easily made. This allows for the perfect bespoke results that will allow your brand to stand out in the best way.

Exhibition Installations

We deliver and install your stand making sure it respects the project in every detail and has the impact previously planned. This takes the stress of setting up the exhibition stand away from your team and allows them to focus on their own tasks relating to the exhibition. Our project managers maintain a strong level of communication with you throughout every step of the project, reporting your feedback back to our teams, allowing for any changes to be implemented rapidly.

Our clients have claimed that we “literally take their headache away” as we deal with the finicky details and the tricky tasks in order to provide you with a stand that exhibits your brand in a unique and bespoke manner.


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