CRH Amsterdam

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About the CRH Amsterdam Branding Project

CRH is a leading building materials group with a global reach, employing more than 87,000 people across nearly 3,800 locations.

When they needed to design and outfit their new headquarters in Amsterdam, they called on Vision. We worked in partnership with two other firms, Henry J Lyons and Structuretone, to get the job done.

Our main goal was to make sure the new headquarters reflected CRH’s company culture and ethos. To achieve this, we created a variety of graphics for the walls, floors, and ceilings. Each of these graphics was carefully designed to represent the brand’s identity and create an engaging atmosphere.

In addition to traditional graphics, we also worked with glass manifestations and 3D graphic pieces, which we enhanced with LED lights. These elements added a unique visual depth to the space and created a dynamic environment.

We also installed timelines to visualize CRH’s history and milestones and used lightboxes to draw attention and create interest throughout the space.

Our work with CRH was about more than just outfitting a building. It was about creating a space that truly represents the company and its culture.

Henry J Lyons brought their award-winning architects and interior designers to the project and Vision Branding Solutions brought their innovative design, production and installation methods to this project.