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About the Docusign Branding Project

At Vision, we were privileged to work with DocuSign, a global leader in eSignature solutions, on a project aimed at enhancing their workspace. Our collaboration focused on producing and installing various elements including signage, acoustics, whiteboards, and a fabric stretched system that would transform their environment.

The Vision vibe fabric stretched system we implemented is a combination of design simplicity and functionality. With a 25mm core and fabric-wrapped edges, this system was designed to blend seamlessly with DocuSign’s interior design. The fabric created a clean and smooth look while the core contributed to improved acoustics, helping to create a more comfortable and productive workspace.

We also installed the Vision Vibe acoustic ceiling system. We utilized high-quality Vescom woolen fabrics stretched over a 50mm polyester core to form an efficient sound-absorbing system. This installation significantly contributed to reducing noise levels in the workspace, making it more conducive to focused work.

In addition to improving acoustics, we incorporated glass magnetic whiteboards into the Autex acoustic panels we installed. These whiteboards added functionality, serving as spaces for team collaboration, brainstorming, and idea-sharing. Integrating them into the acoustic panels ensured a sleek design that did not disrupt the aesthetic flow of the workspace.

Lastly, we took care of the signage for DocuSign. From creating metal signage to installing wall graphics, each element was carefully crafted and installed to guide, inform, and inspire. The wooden and acrylic wayfinding signs we produced added to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the workspace, ensuring easy navigation for both team members and visitors.

We take pride in designing and implementing solutions that support our clients’ objectives and work culture, transforming their spaces into environments that foster productivity, collaboration, and innovation.