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About the Indeed Branding Project

Customised Sign Solutions for Indeed Building Space by Vision Branding

Vision Branding had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Indeed, a global leader in the online job search industry, to enhance their workspace environment across seven expansive floors. Our objective was to create an atmosphere that reflects Indeed’s commitment to innovation and excellence, while also promoting a sense of unity and well-being among the staff.

To achieve this, we deployed our Vision Vibe acoustic wall panels throughout the premises. The Vision Vibe system, with its 50mm acoustic core, is known for its excellent noise reduction capabilities, thereby improving the work environment by minimizing distractions. Additionally, Bass—Stretch Fabric Acoustic Panels design lends a modern, stylish look to the space.

An essential aspect of the Vibe system is the opportunity it offers for customization. We printed and stretched acoustic fabric onto the core of the system, integrating visual aesthetics with functional design. The customized fabric showcased an array of dynamic, vibrant prints that not only added visual interest but also effectively communicated the brand identity and values of Indeed.

Our team took care of the installation of wallpaper, ensuring it complemented the overall design scheme. The wallpaper selection, with its mix of textures and patterns, added an additional layer of sophistication and visual intrigue to the workspace.

The result of this collaboration is a workspace that not only offers a conducive and quiet environment for employees to concentrate and excel in their roles, but also communicates the brand’s ethos in a visually striking manner. It stands as a testament to the quality of work that Vision Branding delivers, marrying function with style and ensuring that each client’s unique needs and vision are effectively met.

For those who wish to transform their workspace into an environment that boosts productivity, promotes a sense of well-being and makes a lasting impression, Vision Branding is ready to bring your vision to life. Let’s start your workspace transformation journey together – reach out to us today.

Architects: RKD and Seek Design. 

Contractor: Structuretone.