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The Intel Quark Lab in Leixlip, Co. Kildare is a new space where Intel Ireland develops the Quark chip, an important tool in the Internet of Things that has the power to transform the way we use technology in our daily lives. Intel approached Vision with the brief of branding the environment for the Intel Quark Lab. Custom signs, interior graphics and a history timeline were required to highlight the impact of the chip in the Internet of Things.

Bespoke Signage for a Dynamic Environment

Intel required the environment to be inspiring and comfortable for the people working in it and to be reflective of the complexity of the work carried out in the Lab to the staff from other departments and to the frequent visitors.


  1. Support Intel creating a branded environment that reflects the important and complex work of the Quark Lab, reflecting how the Quark chip will change lives in the future.
  2. Communicate the importance of the Quark Lab’s presence in Ireland, since the Quark chip was designed and developed here, with signage.
  3. Make the lab comfortable for employees, including compensating for a windowless environment with signage.
  4. Produce an informative sign design to educate visitors and instil pride in employees by recounting the history and development of the Quark Lab and showcasing its complex work.
A Unique Timeline Solution

Our first role was to develop an innovative design for the Quark Lab logo and place this sign prominently in by the main entrance. Our design team came up with a very intricate, complex logo using multiple layers and materials, the sign reflects the complex engineering work carried out in the lab. The ‘Quark’ part of the logo shows the underlying layers more, which manifests the analytical thinking and the slightly unfinished look demonstrates the constant development of the chip. We also transformed the window from the corridor to the main lab into a centre piece, promoting openness and encouraging curiosity.


Following the changes to the entrance corridor, we created a visual timeline showcasing Intel Ireland’s history of innovation. Intel needed a time-proof solution that was low maintenance, so we provided a sign that can be easily updated by Intel, at any time. This is both informative and proud, and from a visual point of view brings modern style and depth to the Quark Lab.

The Power of Collaboration

We worked closely with an Engineering Project Manager at Intel to produce and install graphics that illustrate the purpose of Quark, while increasing the lab’s style and comfort. We knew we had to create something that had never been done before. We juxtaposed iconic Irish imagery with areas of human life that will be affected by Quark in the future, highlighting the importance of the work going on at the lab. To put a technical and analytical twist on the sign, we faded the images into wire frame drawings and added pixilation effects. We kept the colour palette simple and restricted it to green and blue, which aren’t just the brand colours, but cool and calming colours that help to compensate for the windowless walls.

Vision Branding and Intel Ireland have a close working history of working together in a number of ways. We communicated with Intel’s architects to transform their design concepts into finished signage, and we have worked directly with Intel’s facility managers to support with the sign design, production, and installation. 

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