Changing tones and branding the JLL’s new HQ

We designed, produced and installed office graphics for JLL when they acquired a new office space for their HQ. The company required to showcase their brand features through some warm tones and a unique, exciting set of designs.

Using Office Graphics to Change the Real Estate Business Tone


JLL had created a stunning office and we were commissioned to brand the entire place and bring it to life with warm colours. The main goal for this project was to combine the uniqueness of the brand with some standout items that pertain to the local culture, all so that we could create a stimulating working environment with the help of office graphics.

JLL, also known as Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated is an investment management and professional services company specialized in real estate. The company was founded in 1999 via a merger between Jones Lang Wooton and Lasalle Partners. It has multiple offices all over the world, with the main one being in the Aon Center Chicago.

We were contracted to take care of all office signage and glass manifestation as well as all the other graphics in the JLL HQ. Following the brand guideline, we designed the JLL’s office graphics making sure that it would stand out as one of the best in the industry. The aim was to reflect the high-quality services that they offer in the appearance of their workplace.

Implementing amazing office graphics


We added a back painted feature glass wall with a 3D sign on it that helps improve the company’s branding efforts. This wall is found in the reception area and it offers an amazing feature that successfully enhances the colour and space, all so that it can breathe new life and showcase professionalism.

We also focused on the boardroom, where we added a combination of glass manifestation in two layers. These were installed both internally and externally in order to offer a much better set of visuals. This particular project also required the printing of a skyline feature that not only completes the experience with amazing graphics, but it also delivers the much-needed privacy for the boardroom. This particular portion of the project also features 3D depth.

Aside from all of the above, we also added some minimalist yellow translucent film to further improve the privacy level, but we also created a wall feature that includes maps of the city and which delivers great experiences from a visual standpoint.

An outstanding branding experience

During the design process, we managed to take into account all the factors such as natural and artificial lighting, the purpose of the office/room and the ideas that our customer had in mind. We came with multiple solutions for each office, all suitable for the overall design of the premise.

Branding was the main concern here, but we seamlessly combined designs and played with colours in order to create an extraordinary, friendly and professional work atmosphere. We designed an amazing work environment that promotes privacy and communication. Thanks to our help, the great real estate minds at JLL have a much friendlier space where they can work together in order to achieve their extraordinary goals!

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