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About the LinkedIn Dublin Branding Project

At Vision Branding, we had the distinct privilege of working with LinkedIn’s headquarters in Dublin. As part of a collaborative effort with SeekDesign, we embarked on an exciting journey to overhaul LinkedIn’s environmental branding.

Our shared mission was clear: to create an impactful visual language that reflects LinkedIn’s values and culture. With over 660 million users in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn’s environment needed to resonate with its global reach and innovative spirit.

Vision Branding took charge of various key aspects of this project. We were responsible for designing, producing, and installing the wayfinding and signage throughout the vast headquarters. These elements are crucial in ensuring that LinkedIn’s staff and visitors can navigate the sprawling building effortlessly and efficiently. Moreover, our designs added a sleek, modern touch that aligns seamlessly with LinkedIn’s dynamic ethos.

In addition to this, we infused the office spaces with engaging 3D interactive graphics and wall vinyls. These creative elements brought color, life, and a sense of playfulness into the work environment. By combining aesthetics with interactivity, we aimed to foster a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere.

We also produced striking reception feature art pieces, which are the first things that greet employees and guests when they step into LinkedIn’s Dublin HQ. These unique creations encapsulate LinkedIn’s identity and values, making an unforgettable first impression.

All visual communications within the building were thoughtfully designed to embody the organisation’s culture and values. With the dedicated effort of our team and a keen understanding of LinkedIn’s vision, we brought a distinct brand voice into their physical space, making it a living, breathing extension of their brand.

Collaborating with the architects at RKD and the contractors at Walls Construction, Vision Branding successfully transformed LinkedIn’s headquarters into a visually cohesive and inspiring environment.

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Architects: RKD

Design: Seek Design.

Contractor: Walls Construction.