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About the Zendesk Project

At Vision, we are proud to have partnered with ZenDesk, providing them with a suite of visual communication and wayfinding solutions that align perfectly with their brand ethos and operational needs.

Our dedicated team has crafted top-tier signage for ZenDesk, ensuring not only the clarity of communication but also the representation of their brand identity. These aren’t just ordinary signs; they’re a testament to ZenDesk’s presence and professionalism, thoughtfully designed and strategically placed to convey crucial information efficiently.

Vision has also implemented a comprehensive wayfinding system within ZenDesk’s complex. In these systems, function meets form as we blend navigational efficiency with ZenDesk’s distinct brand elements. We’ve ensured that every sign, symbol, and directional marker contributes to a seamless navigation experience for all who step into the ZenDesk environment.

Along with these, our work has included the installation of glass whiteboards and LED lighting systems throughout ZenDesk’s premises. These whiteboards offer a sleek, modern platform for ideas and collaboration, reinforcing ZenDesk’s commitment to innovation. And with our energy-efficient LED lighting systems, we’ve helped ZenDesk create a well-lit workspace that promotes productivity while being environmentally responsible.

Architects: Mola.

Contractor: Walls Construction.