Project Preview

The project was a complete fit out of the new CRH Offices in Amsterdam, Dublin, London, New York, Atlanta, Singapore. CRH is one of the world’s leading building materials companies, with a business that spans across 31 countries and which serves all segments of construction industry demand. CRH subsidiary companies employ over 87,000 people at around 3,800 locations.

The brief was to create a dynamic branded environment which motivates employees and encourages creative and innovative thinking while integrating the CRH story and values.


Henry J Lyons and Vision worked closely together on this project
by sharing each companies skill sets to reach their shared goal of completing this CRH fit out to the highest standard while meeting the deadline provided.

Henry J Lyons provided the brief and elements of the design package to Vision. Vision’s installation team then visited the site to do a full site survey, once this site survey was completed Vision then worked on visuals for glass manifestation, wall and floor graphics, signage and bespoke elements for approval. Henry J Lyons would then give their feedback on designs issued from Vision. Once both companies were happy with the quality of work this was sent to client for approval.

Henry J Lyons and Vision both worked closely together during the production process. Henry J Lyons provided specifications of materials and Visions provided consultations on alternative production methods. Samples were sent between companies to ensure both companies were satisfied with the end result.

Both companies had to react fast to complications such as problems with walls not been ready and keep each other informed in their progress to ensure deadlines were met.


The bespoke time-line was a feature piece, which involved unique efforts to design, produce and install this piece. Henry J Lyon’s worked on the concept of this piece and the chose the area. Vision then produced and installed this piece. This piece illustrates the history of CRH. The piece is made of built up layers representing the layering of materials CRH produces to build their world-class buildings. The time-line also depicts the journey from the construction site to a built up city created by CRH. Each layer is made from a different material and texture. The time-line is also lit in certain areas. This was a challenging piece as it involved a lot of intricate parts to be crafted and lights to be wired. This then had to be cut into 3 sections for transportation to Amsterdam.

The world map is another example of an innovative feature in this project. This had a similar process were by Henry J Lyon’s worked on the concept and placement of this piece while Vision produced and fit the map. The map showcases the position of CRH offices around the world. This map is made using a mix of materials and processes which were made in Ireland and then shipped to Amsterdam where Vision’s fitters installed the individual pieces. Areas where CRH had offices were highlighted in their branded blue and produced using different depths of clear acrylic which were laser cut and certain areas shaved by hand to ensure each piece jigsawed together which were then backed in blue vinyl. Areas which CRH have not conquered yet are in different depths of foamex painted grey which can be removable. 

Execution & Challenges

The execution of the CRH fit out was done to the highest standards. Henry J Lyons and Vision met their brief which was to create a dynamic environment that motivates employees. The environmental graphics integrated the CRH brand into the space while communicating the brand’s values and missions. The space is state of the art which means clients and employees are confident in the company’s drive for quality services and products.

The very fact the office was in Amsterdam was a challenge as all
elements of the project had to be transported from Dublin to 
Amsterdam which meant a certain loss of control for both teams with a risk of items being damaged in transportation. This also meant that the process had to be well planned and prepared to ensure artwork was ready on time for transportation. Both teams had to ensure that the artwork to be fitted was of excellent quality as interruptions and errors would have a huge knock on effect to the deadline.

The 8 week deadline was a challenge as it involved the design, production and installation. Making sure we got approval on designs as soon as possible was key and also a challenge due to the amount of key stakeholders involved.

Outcomes & Results

This CRH Amsterdam project was completed to the highest standards and met it’s deadline. This would not have been achieved without the power of collaboration as both teams had the necessary skills required and when these skills were pooled together it made the process a lot easier.

Henry J Lyons brought their award winning architects and interior designers to the project and Vision Branding Solutions brought their innovative design, production and installation methods to the this project.

Please watch of the final results and the reaction of staff to their new working environment.

Organizations Involved

Vision Branding

Vision Branding Solutions has more than 35 years of experience in developing and delivering branded environments for many of the world’s leading organizations.
Vision delivers decor and branding projects in collaboration with architects, designers, building companies, marketing managers and facility managers.

Henry J Lyons

Henry J Lyons Architects is an Irish architectural practice based in Dublin City Centre and Cork. HJL have a team of over 160 architects, designers and support staff who work on building projects throughout Ireland, the UK and the EMEA Region. Their work includes architecture, interior design, master-planning and conservation projects.

Team Members

Conor MacCabe | Director | Henry J Lyons
Laura Graham | Interior Architect | Henry J Lyons
Aaron O’Grady | Managing director | Vision Branding Solutions
Jennifer Lawlor | Production manager | Vision Branding Solutions
Lauren Keegan | Graphic Designer | Vision Branding Solutions

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