A Mastery Project Showcasing The Capabilities of Vision Branding.

The Fidelis interior branding project

The Fidelis Interior Branding Project was a masterpiece created by Vision Branding that showcased their exceptional capabilities. The main objective was to bring nature inside the office, highlighting the beauty of wooden finishes and promoting a natural and serene atmosphere.

Handpicked Design

The project focused on incorporating wooden finishes into every aspect of the office, including wall panels, flooring, and furniture. The selection of furniture was carefully handpicked to match the natural wooden look, creating a cohesive and flowing branding for the office. The boardroom, which was supplied by Vision, complemented the cream and brown theme of the office space, giving it a luxurious feel.

Emphasising Natural Light

The Vision Branding team designed the office while keeping natural light in mind. The use of natural light was emphasized by making plant life the focal point, adding to the natural forestry aesthetic. The design included natural stone walls, which made the space feel like an oasis. The boardroom was designed with a hallway of windows to allow the scenery to sweep into the room, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment.

LED Lighting

The use of LED lighting played an integral role in the design, with the team using hues and humming of light to transport the ambience around the room without detracting from the natural aesthetic. The lighting added to the beauty of the office space and created an inviting and calming atmosphere for employees and clients.

Overview Of The Project

The Fidelis Interior Branding Project was an exceptional masterpiece that showcased Vision Branding's capabilities. The focus on wooden finishes and the incorporation of natural elements created a beautiful, cohesive, and inviting atmosphere for employees and clients alike. The use of natural light and LED lighting further enhanced the natural aesthetic, making the space feel like an oasis. The end result was a stunning office space that was not only a branding masterpiece but also an art piece in itself.


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