Customised Sign Solutions for Indeed Building Space by Vision Branding

Indeed required many different formats to be showcased in different areas of the building. Our designers designed signs that would seamlessly integrate onto the walls as if they were always there and a part of the building. The glass signage followed a simplistic design while also being highly functional. The choice of signage symbols allows for less writing as a picture tells a thousand words. Vision Brandings signage capabilities are a great addition to any branding project.

Customised Sign Solutions.

Vision Branding had the opportunity to work with Indeed and provide them with customised sign solutions for their building space. The project involved designing signs that could seamlessly blend into the building's architecture while also being highly functional.


Creative Signage Design

One of the most crucial aspects of the project was the creative signage design that was both functional and visually appealing. Vision Branding's designers understood the importance of the signage, and their creative designs helped Indeed create a unique and distinctive brand identity.

Effective Signage Symbols

Vision Branding's choice of signage symbols helped convey its message effectively while also enhancing the visual appeal of the signs. The symbols were strategically placed and created to be easily recognisable to anyone in the building, making navigation more convenient.

Seamless Integration

One of the project's key objectives was to design signs that would blend in seamlessly with the building's architecture. Vision Branding's team worked closely with Indeed's team to ensure the signs were designed to fit perfectly into the building's spaces, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the building.

Project Overview

The custom signage solutions provided by Vision Branding were a great addition to Indeed's branding project, helping them create a unique and distinctive brand identity. The creative design, effective use of symbols, and seamless integration of the signs made them an essential element of the building's architecture.


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