Office Design: The Competition

July 29, 2015 - 3 minutes read

Recently we’ve seen an uprising trend in quirky, fun, and unique office design across all types of organisations, from industry leading multinationals to smaller independents.

Companies of all sizes are competing to provide the most unique, inspiring and fun workplaces for employees. Here are 10 examples of cool office interior design for starters.


Office design: Worth the investment

But why? What happened to monotonous office cubicles filled with washed out colours and outdated furniture? While it might seem like a simple and one-dimensional branding exercise, organisations are arguing that investing into office design has more benefits than company marketing. Office design can be an important investment into staff development and performance, and that’s why some of the giants including Google, Facebook, and Yahoo are competing for the most fun and unique offices. Click here to read Forbes’ list of 20 coolest offices of the 100 Best Companies.


First impressions count

As well as increasing productivity of staff, a cool office will contribute to a potential employees first impressions of the workplace and will help to attract the best staff across the globe. Large technology companies are now famous for fun and alternative offices, and employees are striving to work for these companies because of the benefits of working in a quirky and exciting office.

By providing them with a workplace with more light and space, employees are more comfortable, engaged and happy at work. Employees who feel positive about their surroundings will increase their productivity and creativity, therefore making a direct impact on the organisation’s performance.


Workplace branding

Office interior design that conveys the company’s brand and a good attitude can also have a positive impact on visitors, including organisation stakeholders, clients, and potential clients. Before meetings have begun and contracts have been explored, customers are already making up their minds on companies depending on what they’ve seen of the office buildings, which are lively and productive workforces who are in touch with the company’s mission, and supported by a fun and inspiring work environment. Click here to read how we are supporting companies to develop their brand into something that is visible and envelops their office interior design.