• Vision Vibe System

    Our Innovative Stretched Fabric Acoustic Panel System

Vision Vibe Acoustic System

The Vibe System is designed to allow leading manufacturers in the acoustic textiles and fabrics industry to be included in the design of this system. Vescom, Kvadrat, Camira, Avoca and Caimi have all been used successfully in the Vibe system and have delivered aesthetic and practical results.

The Vision Vibe System gives design teams complete creative leverage in terms of fabric finishes, colours and designs or patterns. The system can be personalised and customised to a variety of shapes, colours and sizes using different fabrics from all the leading acoustic manufacturers.

Wall Acoustic Systems

Benefits of Wall Acoustic Systems

High noise levels are one of the biggest complaints that employees have about their workplace. Noise pollution in the workplace is caused by a combination of factors: phones ringing, electronic equipment humming, chairs scraping and, most significantly, people talking. High background noise has been shown to increase stress by making it difficult for people to hear and concentrate. 

Acoustic solutions have been proven to improve productivity as not only can acoustic panels look great but they also have a wide range of benefits including absorbing unwanted sound such as echoes and noise from surrounding areas, making other sounds clearer. They also reduce stress levels and improve well-being. Improving acoustics makes it easier for staff to concentrate, make and receive phone calls, and hold conversations at comfortable volumes without distracting other colleagues.

The Vision Branding Team produced and installed the Vision Vibe system for the ceilings and walls of Genesis Dublin with fabric wrapped systems on the edges and a curved wall system.

Genesis Dublin
25mm & 50mm Fabric Wall and Ceiling Bass System
National Treasure Management Agency

The Vision Branding Team designed and developed an acoustics system for the National Treasury and Management Agency of Ireland. This system consisted of a stretch fabric system for the ceilings and walls across the entire building.

The ceiling system achieved class A acoustics with Vision's subsidiary company Vision Vibe acoustics delivering and installing a very large acoustics package over 8 floors. The wall panels with fabric wrapped edges and absolute attention to detail were also complemented with ceramic whiteboard panels that were integrated into the acoustics. Signage and glass manifestations were also all delivered by the Vision Branding Team. The collaboration between Mac Construction and Vision Branding delivered high-end results with top-quality acoustic surfaces for the whole building. The design adhered to the brand and the ethos of the company, allowing for a fluid and harmonious effect.

Docusign- 25mm Bass System

The Vision Branding Team produced and installed the fabric stretched Bass System with 25mm core and fabric wrapped edges for the Docusign office.

Not only does this bass system add acoustic properties to this space, but it also adds a degree of privacy by acting as a wall. This highlights the versatility of our acoustic systems and displays the ability of our innovative design to add a feature to a space. This bass system looks like a sleek piece of architecture, complementing the energy and the interiors of the room.


Custom Printed Acoustic Solutions

Indeed- 25mm Custom Printed Bass System

The Vision Branding Team produced and installed over 7 floors of the Vision Vibe Acoustic Wall System for the Indeed offices in Dublin. The fabric was custom printed and installed on a 25mm Bass System with fabric wrapped tracked edges. 

Our custom printed designs incorporate the character of your brand into the acoustic panels, allowing you to integrate your brand into the interiors of your workspace. Indeed required designs that were bright and captivating, highlighting the various areas that their company covers. Our design team collaborated with Indeed's team to ensure we created graphics that captured their vision. These panels are not only visually appealing, but they are also functional with their impressive acoustic properties. Custom acoustic panels add value to your workspace, creating an office that is clear of heavy background noise, and an office that is full of brand inspiration.

Asana- Custom Printed Fabric on a 50mm Bass System

The Vision Branding Team produced and installed this Vision Vibe Acoustic Wall System with a 50mm acoustics core and acoustic fabric printed and stretched into the vibe system.

The clever design used in this acoustic wall system was designed to create a 3D effect, mimicking the acoustic panels you would find in recording studios. This shows the capabilities of custom designs, allowing you to have control over the effects of your acoustic panels. It also eliminates the need to spend extra on certain materials to create specific designs as we can recreate those designs into our acoustic panels. Versatility and functionality are the prime focus of our acoustic panels and we work hard to ensure your vision is displayed appropriately in our custom designs.


Stream Light

SIG- Bass System

Our design and production teams have engineered a solution for allowing lights to be part of the acoustics system. The led lighting systems can be incorporated into all of our acoustic systems creating a combination of effects and designs subject to design intent.

Using very slim aluminium profiles and led lighting you can have customised designs fitted into the acoustic panels in the style and pattern of your choice. It adds an extra layer of design to your space by acting as a feature and it allows design teams to create the lighting ambience they want for the space. Luminosity and dimmer control can be specified to comply with the design intent.

The Vision Branding Team designed and produced this Stream Light system with integrated magnetic glass whiteboards and LED strips. The client chose their customised designs which were then printed and fitted into the acoustic panels. The team used Camira fabrics on a Bass System 50mm alternate with Bass System 25mm. 


Wave System

Wave System

Our Wave pattern is a system with thin individual panels in a symmetrical cylinder curve shape that can be interchanged as they are hung individually. The image to the left shows the Wave system in the Forest Style. Our forest pattern is a system with a variety of asymmetrical shapes created in individual panels to create unique and original patterns for every environment.



Amgen- Autex System

Vision Branding Solutions can laser cut Autex cube panels to achieve design intent. Colours, patterns and pictures can be printed using the cube as substitute canvas. These stand-out panels were designed and installed by the Vision Branding Team for the Amgen Pharmaceuticals Head Offices. 


Ceiling Acoustic Systems


The Vision Vibe ceiling system is customisable and flexible to the required sizes of ceiling space. The system is attached to 8mm threaded bar fixed to the ceiling. The brackets attaching the subframe to the threaded bar are specially designed to be adjustable over long length spans such as 6 metres. The Vibe system uses a number of acoustic cores to achieve the required acoustics rating for the space. The lightweight aluminium frame is designed to hold the acoustic fabric and the appropriate acoustic core as a complete unit. The frame is fitted with a spring tensioning system to overcome potential sagging of fabric over time. The Vision Vibe system offers a class A sound absorption at 50 mm and a class O fire rating. The Vision Branding team produced and installed these acoustic ceiling systems into Genesis. 


Vision Vibe Installation: Cascando

Hubspot Berlin

The Vision Branding Team installed this Cascando System into the Hubspot offices in Berlin. The client wanted to emphasise the essence of the brand throughout the space. By using these brightly coloured acoustic systems, Vision Branding was able to create a fun, bright space that also provided acoustic functionality. 


Vision Vibe Installation: Dvorm

Mongo DB

The Vision Branding Team installed these Devorm Acoustic Panels into the Mongo DB Offices. These acoustic solutions are pleasing to the eyes and comfortable to the ears. The panels are made from PET Felt - a soft and porous material, known for its sound-absorption properties. These panels have a distinctive wavy pattern, adding a subtle touch to any interior. A perfect solution for offices, open places and restaurants. 

Vision Vibe Virtual Wall

Hubspot Dublin

The Vibe Virtual Wall system has the ability to adapt to the needs it is required for. The acoustics surface can be a combination of Vescom, Camira or Avoca fabrics. Each fabric can be designed or branded to suit your brand and the combinations are endless. Antibacterial magnetic and writable white glass surfaces are an optional addition to this mobile acoustic system and they can easily be removed and replaced with a customised acoustics fabric surface. Each screen and surface is removable and adaptable depending on the combinations required. This acoustic system is finished with black frame/flush pull handles with ply base and black legs/castors. This system allows you to have control over your space and it is also a cost-effective acoustic solution as it can be moved around to transform your space into a sound-absorbent environment.

We installed this Vibe Virtual Wall system in Hubspot Dublin in order to allow them to have a mobile solution to noise pollution in their work environment.