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    Vision Vibe System

    Our Innovative Stretched Fabric Acoustic Panel System

Vision Vibe Acoustic System

The Vibe System is designed to allow leading manufacturers in acoustic textiles and fabrics to be used inside the system. Vescom, Kvadrat, Camira, Avoca and Caimi have all been used successfully in the Vibe system.

The Vision Vibe Acoustic System is a versatile acoustic system for use on walls and ceilings. The Vision Vibe System gives design teams complete creative leverage in terms of fabric finishes, colours and finished designs or patterns. The system can be personalised and customised to a variety of shapes, colours and sizes using different fabrics from all the leading acoustic manufacturers.

Printed Acoustic Solutions

Vision has the ability to customise the acoustic fabrics of each manufacturer with any design, pattern or image using specialist printing techniques. This allows infinite possibilities for design teams to choose from and incorporate branding and Visual communication into the system. 



Avoca is an Iconic Irish brand that is proud to carry on the tradition of handweaving, begun in 1723, combining that distinguished heritage with a modern attitude to design and quality. Rooted in tradition, perhaps, but Avoca is all about creating something new, something exciting and something different – a modern heritage. 

The Vibe system is 100% made in Ireland from the aluminium frames, to the acoustic products placed internally and the assembly and customised branding. Irish designers challenged our team on the fact that the acoustic fabrics where not made in Ireland. Our team approached Avoca and discussed the use of their fabrics for the Vibe system and they granted permission to use for commercial office projects and hospitality sectors. The exciting usp is that apart from their own vast collection of designs the handweavers can make custom designs for certain quantities again giving designers complete creative leverage over the final finish. The wool blend & the tightness of the weave are all subject to different combinations and finishing processes. Ceiling systems. Wall panels. Individually mounted panels, desc screens are all a potential application for the worlds oldest wool handweavers.


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