Branding that defines your experience

Show your vision of hospitality by adding a visual touch to create a great experience.

Interiors play a fundamental role in creating a multi-sensory experience in hotels and restaurants. Designing interior solutions for these spaces requires a different approach from that of office and retail.

Hospitality Branding

Our first step is investigating and clearly understanding the brand, the clients and above all what sort of experience the customers live through while enjoying the food and the services. We work closely with architects in making sure to respect the existing project. Keeping what’s good, we enhance the environment with innovative products, such as feature glass that creates a unique, elegant and eye-catching effect.


Our restaurant interior design solutions add to the flavour of your place and, indirectly, of the food you serve as well. For hotels, we strive to add to the existing hotel interior by introducing meaningful solutions that reflect well on the customers’ perception of your brand and location. In both restaurant interior and hotel interior design we keep in mind that the feeling of your premises has a direct effect on your revenue, so we do our utmost to tailor a distinctly pleasant experience.

Use of Graphics

Specific images or graphics on walls and glasses can add effects of any kind to the environment, from creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere and enhancing the natural light to increasing the depth of the room. By using graphics, the environment can also be used to communicate a specific message or feeling, and even the smallest image can turn a visitor into a regular customer.


Graphics can really do anything, from making the place distinctly yours to showing your customers that you share the same ideas and values.