Workplace Branding

Branding Approach

Our teams are specialised in workplace branding and have worked with companies in different sectors such as high-tech, hospitality and retail to deliver spaces that inspire people and improve their brand experience. What makes us different from other branding and design agencies is best explained with an example.

When a company hires a branding agency to implement their corporate identity through the interiors of their workplace, usually the branding agency uses various companies to implement different elements throughout their project. Several issues may arise during the development of the project; poor communication across the various companies, lack of understanding of the challenges of different tasks, delayed fittings, and lack of control over every part of the process.

All of our branding is carried out in-house with a team of designers, project managers, and fitters, allowing the process to flow smoothly. We ensure that there is total control over every aspect of the branding process, right through from the initial brief, to the final installation. With our collaborative ethos, Vision Branding’s team communicates all of the steps of the process to ensure nothing gets misinterpreted and that the client’s vision is being upheld.

Branding Experience

When approaching a workplace branding project, we handle each step of the process internally: from designing the concepts to the final installation and client’s review. Our success comes from an interdisciplinary team that includes specialists in brand strategy, graphic design, office design and project managers as well as experienced production and installation experts.

In Vision, we believe that each company has a unique “DNA” and we strongly believe that spaces have the ability to enhance emotions and inspire positivity within the people who visit or live or work in them: from increasing productivity and job satisfaction to attracting the best talent. For this reason, in modern organisations, workplace branding has become a strategic tool for HR departments and brand managers.  Unlocking this potential in a space is our main goal in our branding projects.