Light Boxes

Custom indoor and outdoor illuminated signs tailored to shine a light on your brand

A Multi-purpose Solution

Lightboxes serve as an attractive informational purpose in any environment whilst also having the power to influence customers’ opinions of the company’s brand and services. 

In the designing process of branded light boxes, it is vital to create signage that is more than just ‘merely functional’. We design light boxes so that they shine a positive and charming light on your brand, allowing for customers’ attention to be turned towards the brand and its products.

Our lightboxes are made from opaque acrylic, 10mm fronting, and a lightweight aluminium housing with fluorescent lights tailored to the specific brightness required. We create both indoor and outdoor lightbox signs, working with your available brand materials and cooperating with your departments in every step so that we reach the result that represents your brand in a positive light.

Our in-house production allows our Vision teams to come up with creative functions and implementations for the lightboxes. We take you along every step of the process to ensure that the lightbox adheres to your needs and includes all of the functions required to put your brand in the best light.

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