Branding, illuminated.

Light boxes can have a strong and positive impact on existing and potential customers. Whether they are used in a retail storefront, for restaurant menu, for stretch ceilings or for big outdoor signage, light boxes have specific design requirements that take into account the effect of the light on colours and the amount of light on the environment. We design light box signs so they operate in harmony with the surroundings, rather than against them.

A Multi-purpose Solution

Even though a light box can serve an informational purpose, every light box the customers see has an influence on their opinion of your brand and services. It’s important to design a light box so that it rises above the level of ‘merely functional’. We design light boxes that are perform well in terms of being informative and have a positive impact on the perception of your brand and services.

We can custom make light boxes made from opaque acrylic 10mm depth fronting a lightweight aluminium housing with fluorescent lights specified to the brightness required. We create both indoor and outdoor light box signs, working with your available brand materials carefully and cooperating with your departments in every step so that we reach the result we agreed upon in the beginning.

Furthermore, our in-house production capabilities allow us to come up with creative uses and implementations of light boxes. That’s why Vision is the company that just might have the resources to help you if you have something special in mind.


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