MBSC, Saudi Arabia

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About the MBSC, Saudi Arabia Branding Project

MBSC, the newly established College of Business and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia, aspires to become an elite, internationally accredited institution that redefines education in the country. Vision Branding, distinguished among international design agencies, was selected for its innovative design concepts to undertake the environmental graphic project. This project encompassed wall graphics, manifestation, feature walls and signage.


The challenge lay in creating a visual identity that not only met international standards but also reflected MBSC’s commitment to excellence and innovation in education.

Branding Solution

Vision Branding, through a successful pitch, demonstrated its capacity to deliver innovative design concepts aligned with MBSC’s vision. The focus was on creating a visual language that conveyed sophistication and modernity.

Work Overview

  1. Wall Graphics Strategically placed wall graphics were designed to infuse the college environment with a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere. These graphics were not merely decorative but aimed to visually communicate the institution’s core values.
  2. Glass Manifestation The manifestation process involved thoughtfully integrating brand elements into the physical space, ensuring that the brand identity seamlessly became a part of the college’s architecture.
  3. Feature Walls Vision Branding crafted distinctive feature walls that served as focal points, capturing the essence of MBSC’s commitment to entrepreneurship and business education. These walls were designed to make a lasting impression on students and visitors alike.
  4. Signage The signage system was developed with clarity and sophistication in mind. Each sign was strategically placed to guide and inform without overwhelming the visual aesthetics of the college environment.


The collaboration between MBSC and Vision Branding resulted in a college environment that not only met international standards but exceeded expectations. The carefully crafted environmental graphics contribute to the overall atmosphere, reinforcing MBSC’s position as an elite institution.

Through meticulous attention to design details, Vision Branding successfully implemented an environmental graphic project that aligns with MBSC’s vision of redefining education in Saudi Arabia. The outcome is an aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective college environment that reflects the institution’s commitment to excellence.