Retail Branding

Creative retail design solutions to enhance your brand.

Retail Branding & Graphics

We create bespoke branded experiences for any kind of retail space, shaping your retail interior so that it reflects the values of the company and helps to drive sales. When we design and create the first concepts, we take into account several factors such as the target audience, the products sold, the brand identity and the area around the shop. Our aim is not merely to create a nice retail space, but to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Retail Branding Specialists

Planning a retail marketing strategy for a company means taking into account a clear imbalance in the purchasing process: customers are in complete command.

The quality of the product being offered is fundamental, but it is not enough to guarantee customer loyalty and satisfaction. Therefore, the retail environment and customer experience are fundamental during moments when it’s very difficult to keep the clients happy. 

Vision works directly with the brands’ internal marketing departments as well as implementing campaigns for external design and brand agencies–we adapt our approach to each project. Our internal team consists of specialists in brand strategy, graphic design, and storefront signage who all work together to design brand new or existing retail spaces with our innovative products.

Our success stories include retail spaces where we have designed, produced and installed large built up lettering, backlit signage, light boxes, wall graphics, totem poles, posters and many more media, creating a positively memorable retail brand experience and adding to the existing retail identity.

Unique in What We Do

1) We have in-house design, production and installation teams. Differently, from other branding and design agencies, each of our team members understands the challenges and possible issues that the other teams might face throughout project development. Whether we use designs from other branding agencies or implement your brand identity by designing a retail space from scratch and integrating it within our products, rest assured that our internal teams will work together to avoid issues that can slow down the project.

2) We use innovative materials & techniques that deliver incredible results and make the environment unique, contributing to the brand differentiation.

3) It’s not only about what looks nice. We have more than 35 years of experience in branded environments and we understand that a retail space or a storefront that looks well doesn’t necessarily mean better sales. Our interdisciplinary team includes specialists in retail and marketing strategy. They work closely with our designers and interior architecture specialists to deliver solutions designed to help to increase sales and stand out.