Custom Made Glass & Printed Film Office Whiteboards

In any office a whiteboard is a fundamental tool for brainstorming sessions, trainings and recurring meetings. Why not combine your whiteboard with images to become a feature wall? By using special laminates, we can create whiteboards that allow images, logos and lettering to combine with the whiteboard creating something that becomes a strategic tool to impress clients and business partners.

Glass Whiteboards

Traditional whiteboards can leave traces of the pens used over time, causing “ghosting”. Vision’s made-to-measure glass whiteboards solve this problem. Company logos, brand principles and pictures can also be added to a custom-made glass panel for a truly unique whiteboard.

Glass Magnetic Whiteboards

A glass whiteboard can also be combined with metal, adding a magnetic effect. You can post notes and photos with the accompanying magnets and write erasable messages with the erasable marker.

Back Painted Glass Whiteboards

The pictures on the gallery show a successful example. The clouds provide obvious areas to write on, yet the entire surface can be used. This media company wanted to use their corporate office wall as a medium for brainstorming ideas.

Whiteboard Film

Any wall in an office can be turned into a beautiful feature. We apply a special laminate that can act as a board and can be written on and wiped clean. Whiteboard films have a gloss finish and can be used with any type of whiteboard marker. The walls featured beside were designed, produced & installed for companies as MasterCard and Microsoft. They required a whiteboard wall that also had an inspirational theme. The same adhesive material can be magnetic, so the same wall can be used as a magnetic pin board for brainstorming sessions.

Magnetic Whiteboard Film

The laminate that we apply on walls can also be made magnetic, creating a fantastic surface on which any graphics and logos can be printed. Magnetic whiteboards are particularly useful as they allow to quickly moving notes and sketches using magnets.


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