Custom Designed Glass Panels: Improve your Brand Experience

Using decorative glass in offices, retail, restaurants or any commercial space can add a unique style to the environment, improving the customer experience and brand image. We use a mix of innovative techniques to achieve unique effects that many clients have found both visually stunning and extremely practical for general maintenance and cleaning.

Bronze Glass

Visions latest specialist glass product on the Vertium Building in Ballsbridge featured a distressed mirror bronze glass which was created by combining toughened glass with various laminates to create depth and richness. Vision worked with H.J.Lyons and the client to achieve the exact finish they desired and that they felt best represented their company's brand. The glass was produced and installed by the Vision team on 6 floors of all of the bathrooms.

This is an alternative to tiling and it is much easier to keep clean, allowing it to last longer. It also adds a level of luxury and class to any environment. At Vision, we work with your concept of a pattern or design and transform it into specialist bronze glass panelling that can be installed virtually anywhere. You ask and we perform.

Vertium Building in Ballsbridge
Back Painted Glass

At Vision, we produce spray backed coloured glass panels that are customised to complement your brand. With a vast range of colours and customisable shaped panels, your brand can be integrated into any environment in a classy and sophisticated manner.

Back painted glass and images printed onto glass can be applied in various and versatile ways. Reception desks, lobbies, bathrooms, salons, or ceilings can all be fitted with custom glass solutions in order to enhance the aesthetics of these spaces. Glass art is created to bring your message to the fore and can represent your brand in an innovative way.

The Guinness bar was part of the Guinness Storehouse project and it was cladded in 6mm back-painted metallic gold paint, matching Guinness’s brand colours. The 3d logo was 20mm deep and bonded directly to the surface. The result was a sophisticated, clean-cut and on-brand design, produced and fitted by Vision Branding.

Guinness Tasting Room
AON Headquarter - Dublin
William Fry Office Building
Feature Glass Walls & Digitally Printed Glass Panels


Vision’s unique process prints directly onto the printed glass panels 6-20mm depth with carefully selected images to create effects of natural elements such as stone, granite, wood & abstract materials. Feature glass walls serve to make the environment more colourful, pleasant and interesting.

The toughened glass is treated so that the ink has permanent adhesion to the glass & is then sealed with different painting techniques to protect the image.

Vision uses ceramic ink to enhance the final image. Stunning bespoke effects can be achieved also to complement kitchen spaces, which are often integrated with splashbacks as an alternative to tiling. Toughened glass is especially versatile and practical in high traffic areas. The glass can be bonded directly to the surface or placed in aluminium channel profiles to support large pieces.

MetLife Dublin HQ
Ideal Home Exhibition - London
Axway HQ
Earlscourt Terrace

Our specialist branding machines and design team created this stunning DNA strand texture on 10mm glass for a reception atrium in Earlscourt Terrace. The contrast in texture through layers of resin and a combination of matt and gloss finishes created a truly unique glass design. We have a special connection with glass branding and printing, using glass as a medium to produce beautiful surfaces. The unique vivacity and liveliness of the glass captures light and adds an extra dimension of design to a space. We also work with layers of glass and mirrors to create depth and capture the true essence of your environment.

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