The MasterCard Innovative Office Branding Solution

MasterCard, the payment industry leader, chose Vision to communicate their brand culture in their EMEA Headquarter office spaces based in Ireland. The company's brand values and vision are based on the goal of making people’s lives easier by applying the latest technologies to advanced payment systems and solutions.

A Creative Office Branding Approach


Our design team and the architects in charge of the project decided to use wall graphics, glass manifestations and customized whiteboards with iconic images, showing that what seemed impossible became reality throughout the history, thanks to visionary people that used their imagination and kept believing in their dreams.

For their office space, our team designed environmental solutions that were practical, inspiring and simple at the same time. Just like the MasterCard payment solutions.

Enhancing Emotions through the Office Environments


A wall in each meeting room was converted into a beautiful writable wall through the use of printed whiteboard film. For glass partitions we designed glass manifestations, using the Mastercard brand colours. We reproduced iconic images on the main office walls, showcasing the role of persistence and creativity in creating something that benefits all mankind. Our mission in every branded environment project is to design a solution that reflects the company’s brand’s DNA rather than our own style and preferences. That’s why we closely collaborate with our clients from the very start, to gather as much information as possible about their business.

Thanks to this approach we have helped Mastercard and many more companies in creating an inspiring working environment where employees feel part of a strong brand culture and a unique mission.

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