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About the Autodesk Branding Project

At Vision, we collaborated with Autodesk, a world-renowned leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software. In partnership with Henry J Lyons, we embarked on a project aimed at revamping Autodesk’s workspace by developing a comprehensive visual communications package.

Working closely with Autodesk and Henry J Lyons, we first set out to understand the Autodesk organisation’s culture and principles. Autodesk has always been a company that values innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, and our goal was to ensure that these values were effectively communicated in their workspace environment.

The visual communication package we designed, produced and installed covered various elements, including wall graphics, glazing treatments, and wayfinding systems. We used simple, direct language and inspiring graphics that resonated with the Autodesk brand.

Our wall graphics were designed to be visually engaging, adding colour and life to the workspace. We chose images and themes that reflected Autodesk’s culture of innovation, giving team members a constant visual reminder of the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries.

The glazing treatments we installed served a dual purpose. Not only did they contribute to the overall design aesthetic, but they also provided a measure of privacy for meeting rooms and office spaces. By using the Autodesk branding and colour scheme, we ensured these glazing treatments were a cohesive part of the overall design.

Our wayfinding systems, were all about functionality. We designed clear, easy-to-follow signs that made navigating the Autodesk workspace a breeze. Again, we incorporated Autodesk’s branding into these signs to ensure a unified design throughout the workspace.

Our work with Autodesk and Henry J Lyons resulted in a workspace that truly reflects Autodesk’s culture and principles. It was a great reminder of how effective visual communication can transform a space, making it more inspiring and conducive to productivity.

Architects: Henry J Lyons. Contractor: Mac Construction.