Arachas, Dublin

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About the Arachas, Dublin Branding Project

Acoustic Solution: Calmtone

Arachas, a space synonymous with innovation and sophistication, collaborated with Vibe to redefine its acoustic environment. The focal point of this transformation was the installation of Calmtone Vibe hanging acoustic ceiling panels, featuring a custom cut-out design that marries functionality with artistic expression.

Our Calmtone—Modular PET Acoustic Panels, renowned for their versatility and composed of 65% recycled PET, took centre stage in this project. The hanging ceiling panels not only contribute to superior sound management but also add a touch of contemporary elegance to the ambience.

The standout feature of this installation lies in the custom cut-out design, showcasing the Calmtone Cut-out Pattern. This intricate and purposeful design adds a unique aesthetic dimension to the acoustic solution, turning a functional necessity into a statement piece of art.

Arachas now benefits from an acoustic environment that harmoniously blends form and function. The Calmtone Vibe acoustic ceiling panels, with their custom cut-out design, stand as a testament to our commitment to providing tailored solutions that elevate the overall experience of a space.