Bring any Environment to Life!

Vision has designed, produced and installed thousands of square metres of manifestations, prints & decoration for glass. From creating art on glass to act as a feature in a reception to purely functional manifestations for providing privacy, Vision’s designers use many techniques & printing process combinations to complement the space. We combine innovation, creativity and latest technology to achieve unique results tailored to your needs.

Etching & Frosted Manifestation Cut Out

Health and safety regulations require markings on glass to prevent accidents. Typically, these markings are squares or dots on office glass partitions and doors, but these pictures illustrate that offices can be enhanced with more creative glass manifestation designs. Different colour frosted manifestations can be used to complement the brand or interior colours. Using high-speed precision plotters, we create intricate and surprising patterns as well as customised designs.

Etching Frosted Manifestation Printed

A long glass partition wall for BNP Paribas offices in Dublin required an effect that would give a degree of privacy, not block the light and most importantly enhance the glass aesthetically. Vision designed the concept of French & Irish poetry flowing into one another placed above scenes from Paris and Dublin, reflecting the era when BNP was established. To illustrate the cultural heritage from both countries, literary greats of Ireland & France from the last century were chosen.

Combination of Printed & Cut Out Manifestations

On some projects we have combined two types of film on the same piece of glass. Externally, we place a transparent film printed with an image and internally we shadow the image with a cut out frosted or opaque film. This creates an effect that few would hesitate to call real art.

Optically Clear Printed Film

By printing on an optically clear film, a different type of effect can be achieved. The images are transparent and appear to be printed directly onto the glass. The digital printing is formatted & calibrated to each individual transparent film. Vision conduct various test runs to get the colours perfect for your image & design.


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