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About the LinkedIn Munich Branding Project

Vision Branding had the great honor of working with LinkedIn Munich, a branch of one of the world’s largest professional networks. We collaborated with Seek Design to enhance the signage and overall design aesthetic of their Munich office.

Our main task was the production and installation of raised directional signage. In a bustling, multinational workspace like LinkedIn’s, clear and effective signage is crucial for guiding staff and visitors, making them feel oriented and welcomed. We decided on a powder-coated finish for the signs to ensure durability and a modern, sleek look that aligns with LinkedIn’s corporate branding.

Beyond the functional aspect, we aimed for our work to contribute to the overall aesthetic of the space. We paid close attention to detail in each design element, from the typefaces used on the signs to their placement within the office. It was important that these elements not only served a practical purpose but also added to the cohesive look and feel of the workspace.

In addition to the signage, we also managed the creation and installation of glass manifestations. This included using decorative and safety graphics on the glass throughout the office, offering an effective solution for privacy, branding, and visual appeal. The glass manifestations provided a subtle yet effective way to reinforce LinkedIn’s brand image within the office, keeping the brand front and center while also contributing to the overall aesthetic of the space.

Through this project, Vision Branding demonstrated our commitment to quality, detail, and design integrity. We successfully delivered a cohesive and effective design solution that fulfilled both functional and aesthetic objectives, enhancing the workspace experience at LinkedIn Munich.

If you are seeking a partner to help shape your workspace, to make it more functional, to create an environment that aligns with your brand, and to make your office a place where employees are proud to work, we would be delighted to help. Contact Vision Branding today. Let’s collaborate and transform your workspace into a place that inspires and fosters productivity.

Design: Seek Design.