Asana, Dublin

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About the Asana, Dublin Branding Project

Security Dots Signage: A Subtle Symphony of Safety and Brand Identity

Vision Branding’s Glass Manifestation Dots & Signage is a nuanced approach to enhancing security measures while seamlessly incorporating brand identity into the visual landscape.

Team Pods: Collaborative Hubs

Team Pods redefine collaborative workspaces with a focus on style and functionality. These enclosed yet transparent pods provide an ideal setting for teamwork, equipped with integrated technology and customizable features

Acoustic Solution: Bass

In the innovative Asana Branding Project, Vision Vibe took centre stage with its cutting-edge acoustic wall solutions. Featuring a 50mm acoustics core, the Vision Vibe acoustic wall seamlessly integrated acoustic fabric, printed with precision, and stretched into the Vibe system.

Bass Print acoustic wall panels with 50mm acoustics core and acoustic fabric printed and stretched into the vibe system.

Architects: Plus Architecture.

Contractor: Sonica.