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About the Google Paris Branding Project

In a remarkable collaboration, Vision joined forces with the esteemed architects at Henry J Lyons to bring to life a revolutionary project in the heart of Paris. This collaborative project extended to Vibe’s team and marked the genesis of an artistic journey that spanned design, development and production, covering a vast area of over 2000 m2.

United by a shared vision, our creative synergy flowed through every step of the process. This synergy materialised into a meticulous result that fused design with cultural resonance. We approached this project as more than just a creative challenge; it was an opportunity to stamp the identity of Paris HQ into every detail we crafted.

Our expertise materialised in the form of branding and textured wallpaper. These elements weren’t mere decorations; they were intricate storytellers that weaved a narrative of innovation and vision. Each element of design resonated with the spirit of the Parisian landscape, encapsulating its vibe within the confines of the HQ.

The marriage of design and functionality took centre stage with the introduction of glass magnetic whiteboards. These interactive surfaces became the canvas for collaboration and ideation, promoting an environment where ideas flowed freely. The installation of lightboxes elevated the ambience, casting a gentle luminance that enlivened the space, making every corner an experience in itself.

This partnership symbolised Vision’s commitment to crafting spaces that exceed the ordinary. The marriage of design, precision, and cultural reflection resulted in a Paris HQ that breathed with the vibrancy of Paris. With every element reflecting our dedication to the art of transformation, this collaboration stood as a testament to the power of creative harmony.

Design: Vision.

Architects: Henry J Lyons.