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About the Google Lisbon Branding Project


In collaboration with the client and Mola architects, Vision developed the look and feel for the wall and glass branding to complement the design intent of the overall package. The goal was to transform a traditional office space into an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation.


The primary challenge was to integrate elements of branding within functional design aspects seamlessly. The office space needed to be practical yet visually appealing, ensuring employees felt inspired and engaged.

Branding Solutions

Vision collaborated closely with Mola Architects to create custom wall art and glass branding designs. These designs were meticulously crafted to align with both architectural nuances and brand identity.

Wall Art

Abstract shapes in vibrant hues were painted on walls across different rooms. Each piece of art was distinct yet cohesive, embodying dynamic energy while maintaining harmony throughout the space.

Glass Branding

Glass partitions were adorned with frosted designs that offered privacy without compromising natural light flow.


The transformed office is now a blend of functionality and visual appeal. These spaces increased motivation, attributing it to an environment stimulating creativity while echoing the company’s identity.


The project was a success, with Vision Branding successfully transforming the office space to reflect the brand’s ethos and aesthetic, while also fostering a creative and collaborative environment for the employees. The use of vibrant colours and abstract art has created a workspace that is not only functional but also visually stimulating and inspiring. This case study serves as a testament to Vision Branding’s expertise in creating branded environments that resonate with the company’s identity and values.

Architects: Mola.