Enlivening the brand through the environment

Microsoft’s mission is to "Create innovative technology that is accessible to everyone and that adapts to each person's needs. Accessible technology eliminates barriers for people with disabilities and it enables individuals to take full advantage of their capabilities." Microsoft asked Vision to design, produce and install environment solutions for their EMEA headquarters in order to bring their brand to life, reflecting the ambition and the mission of the tech giant.

Custom-made whiteboards, glass manifestations and wall graphics


Our design team, in collaboration with another design studio, found different solutions for each of the 4 office buildings. At this stage we produced and installed customized whiteboards, wall graphics and glass manifestations, adapting the style so that it was fit with the different company departments.

For the main building, we faced a challenge in applying graphics on a big portion of glass without stopping the natural light. To enhance the natural light in each office section, we thought about applying white and thin etching and frosted manifestations cut out that would allow the light to reach any corner of the main building. With this, we achieved a stunning effect that also serves as branded environment, as glass and light is a recurring motif in the company’s products. In the main hall, we reproduced the graphics on glass of the main world monuments, stressing the international background of the employees and the different markets reached by Microsoft products.

A Dynamic Environment Reflects the Brand Culture


For the office floor dedicated to on-line sport activities, we designed graphics to apply on walls and office glass partitions recreating the atmosphere of a decisive match in a stadium. A big corridor wall was transformed into an inspiring writing space by using printed whiteboard film. Quotes from athletes and images of supporters were applied as wall murals and glass manifestations, creating a vibrant and dynamic office environment.


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