Google, Amsterdam

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About the Google, Amsterdam Branding Project

Vision was engaged by Google in Ireland to collaborate with them on their project in Amsterdam. We were introduced to the project management and design team. We worked with the creative team through the whole process. Using our creative team we studied the Amsterdam ethos, making sure the client felt the designs reflected their culture as well as keeping the design team involved and satisfied. By managing the design process, we were able to ensure we met all milestone dates needed by the project management team and we supplied and installed all products for project completion on time and within budget.

Acoustic Solution: Calmtone & Art-As-Acoustics

Vision’s collaboration with Google in Ireland for a groundbreaking project in Amsterdam exemplified our commitment to seamlessly merging cultural identity, creativity, and functionality. From the initial introduction to project management and design teams to the supply and installation of products, Vision actively managed the design process to ensure alignment with Amsterdam’s ethos. Our dedicated creative team, delved into the intricacies of the city’s culture, incorporating elements such as decorative panels and Calmtone—Modular PET Acoustic Panels. This meticulous approach not only met all milestone dates crucial to the project management team but also showcased our expertise in delivering innovative designs on time and within budget. The successful completion of this transformative project underscored Vision’s ability to create spaces that seamlessly blend cultural nuances with cutting-edge design and functionality.