3 Reasons To Brand Your Office Space

Why Should You Brand Your Office?

For many years, research has supported the positive effects of effective and consistent brand identities. An effective brand image has a direct impact on sales and market share, but those are not the only areas where a business can succeed. In this post we’ll highlight some of the reasons why you should brand your office space.

Integrated Brand Communication

The definition of a consistent brand image, or otherwise known as integrated brand communication is a well coordinated use of brand assets, including your office spaces. So how does branding your office space have a direct impact on your turnover each year? In today’s working world employee satisfaction and morale is key to productivity and a healthy atmosphere in the space, but your staff are not the only ones that benefit from cutting edge environmental design.

Reasons To Brand Your Office Space

1. Client Satisfaction
Anyone that walks into your office should be able to tell what kind of business you are and what you’re trying to achieve. Customers need to believe in your brand and have confidence in your abilities. Clients and potential customers are constantly searching for cues to give them insights into the firms quality and capabilities, and first impressions are the ones that last.

By making use of cutting edge technology as well as the latest design trends, Vision has been able to collaborate with the likes of Google, LinkedIn, Guinness, MasterCard, Microsoft and many more; helping them create bespoke office environments that leave their clients with a new level of confidence in the brand.

2. Employee Satisfaction
On the same token, the same cues that empower your clients to support your brand are also being sought after by your employees. The manifestation of your companies mission and vision in the physical surroundings of your office space further impresses themselves on your staff, which in turn leads to more confident, inspired employees.

A simple concept of effective environmental design can lead to phenomenal results. Studies has indicated that industry leaders are 40% more productive than the average company, and one of the reasons for this is that their staff are more inspired and loyal to their brands. Vision has found that by simply enhancing the physical environment in which employees are working, this has a great impact on how staff view their companies.

3. To Facilitate Creativity
The design of your work environment can do a lot to enhance creativity in the office. This is why Vision utilises the best designers to help create fun and liberating spaces. Lively work environments can motivate employees to creative and innovative thinking, especially when there’s a high demand for creative problem solving.

Office Space Branding

So if you feel like your office space is stuck in the 80’s and you’re looking for a 21st century work environment, contact Vision today by calling +353 1 450 0622 or contact us online to discuss your office metamorphosis.