Whiteboards for Offices

Whiteboards and Office Communication

When you think of productivity in the workplace, one of the key pillars for development is clear and effective communication. What if you could bring into your office a product that will not only help staff to deliver clearer communication, but also increase the creativity and efficiency of brainstorming sessions? That is where whiteboards for offices come into their own.

Customisable Whiteboards for Offices

Vision has your solution, and the solution is clear, elegant and comes in whatever customisable design you can imagine. Whiteboards have been around commercially since the early 1960’s and after much development, only started being popular in the 2000’s. After further development and testing, Vision have found the perfect combination of materials, and products creating whiteboards for offices that have left the likes of Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Nokia and many more brands highly satisfied.

Benefits of Having Whiteboards in Your Office

So why does your office need whiteboards? The list of benefits are endless, but here are some that we have found to be the most particularly outstanding.

  1. Sharing Ideas: Whiteboards allow everyone to share their thoughts about specific issues, problems or ideas, making for cross pollination of ideas. This is key for teams to work together successfully and a whiteboard in the office can serve as a focal point for the sharing and improving of ideas.
  2. Educational: Whiteboards are educational, the ideas, comments and sketches of ideas will be left up for everyone to see. Also, many have found that having sketches or doodles of ideas, have really helped the group to understand a particular concept, more so than by just verbally transferring the information.
  3. Inclusion: Whiteboards in public spaces can allow for more staff members; who may not initially have been involved, to add their thoughts to a discussion if the space or company structure allows for that. This in turn can then create a more inclusive and productive working environment.

Innovative Whiteboards & Design

With constant development and innovation, Vision will continue to deliver the highest quality design, production and installation of products to help you and your business achieve the goals that you set out to. We are continually pushing the boundaries of what a whiteboard can be and how it can benefit the office environment.

If you would like some more information regarding how to get an industry leading whiteboard in your office, feel free to give Vision Branding a call on +353 1 450 0622 or contact us online with your request.