Whiteboards For Offices – Facilitating Creativity

Whiteboards for offices are effective in numerous settings, they are a collaborative tool that encourage participation. They are used in interactive exercises, brainstorming sessions and discussions. There are a large variety of whiteboards available which are not only functional but shape and enhance environmental design.

Range of Whiteboards for Offices

In this post we’ll outline our range of whiteboards which we have installed in numerous offices both nationally in Ireland but also internationally.

Unique Glass Whiteboards

At Vision we brand whiteboards to enhance your office space. By ustilising innovative laminates we can create whiteboards that allow images, logos and lettering to combine to create something that is truly unique while still utilised as a functional tool for brainstorming.

Printed Whiteboard Vinyl

Office wall areas can become a feature using this material. The vinyl can be written on and wiped clean very easily. Whiteboard films have a gloss finish that can cover and strengthen many surfaces. Vision has used this material in transforming the office space of many multi nationals for example Mastercard and Microsoft.

Magnetic Vinyl and Glass Whiteboards

Whiteboards can also be produced to be magnetic for added functionality. You can use this as an interactive function to mount photos and other materials to your whiteboard. Glass whiteboards take the look and feel of your office whiteboard to the next level.

Painted Whiteboards

Vision also offers a paint solution that can create a writing surface of any size or colour. This product can also come with magnetic features. Painted whiteboards offers creative freedom to make your mark in an exterior or interior environment.

Mobile Whiteboards

Today mobile whiteboards are revolutionising office interiors, these whiteboards can be easily adapted to a changing office environment. Mobile whiteboards can be used to create new spaces within an office. Partition whiteboards are new and innovative concept, they are an easy solution for an organisation that is constantly growing and changing as these partitions can shape how departments work and collaborate.

Quality Whiteboard Suppliers

Here at Vision Branding we provide the full range of quality whiteboards to the customers and businesses we work with. If you need any of the whiteboards outlined above or have a project that we may be help you out with then give us a call now on +353 1 450 0622 or contact us online for more info!