Office graphics: How Vision Branding became the market leader

Office graphics have been continually increasing in popularity for small, medium, and large organisations looking to enhance branding in their offices. We explained in our previous blog post how office graphics and branding are now a must-have for organisations that want to improve workplace creativity and employee satisfaction, and not just a passing trend. In this blog we’re speaking to our managing director, Aaron O’Grady, to see his experience of Vision becoming the market leader in Ireland for office graphics and branding solutions, and what he thinks is the key to his success.

Innovation is king

“Innovation has, and always will be, the key for us. When we started out 35 years ago, we concentrated on vehicle branding, but then expanded into branding solutions so we could specialise in design, production and installation of branding in offices and commercial spaces.”

Office graphics & branding solutions: a full service model

Aaron also explained what he things makes Vision entirely unique: “There are two main factors in what makes Vision inimitable.  Firstly, we offer the entire design, production, and installation service so that projects are completed seamlessly, deadlines are met, and the design brief is met to exceed the clients’ expectations. Secondly, we are continually innovating so we can offer our customers unique visual effects, including printing on materials such as wood and glass. We’re now even using glass and LED combinations to create outstanding feature walls, a service we could never have offered without innovation.”

As flexible as we are creative

Aaron also believes that Vision’s office graphic expertise has a tangible and positive impact on its clients and their customers. “Our office graphics are completely bespoke and can be tailored to any budget or set of needs and requirements. Because we are creative and flexible, we can begin working with clients from the initial design concept stage, or we can implement their own branding designs because we understand entire design, printing, and installation process, which is what makes Vision a truly unique team to work with.”