Design For Next Conference – Internationally Acclaimed Design Conference

This week Vision Branding visited Design for Next Conference hosted by Sapienza University of Rome in Italy. The Design for Next is an internationally acclaimed design conference in its 12 year.

Design For Next

The title “Design for Next” implies the concept of proximity as well as of destination, related to time and to physical space. The Conference enabled discussion among designers, academics and experts about contemporary design practice and its perspectives.

Design for Next hosted talks on design for industry, technology, society, environment, education, aesthetics and design thinking. Professionals, educators and researchers collaborated in questioning the next stage of innovation in design.

Parallel Sessions & Keynote Presentations @ Design For Next

Vision Branding engaged in parallel sessions and keynote presentations on trends in the ever-changing design industry. Vision Branding investigated the societal, technological and industrial shifts of the future of design. We met with professionals, researchers, academics and students to discuss new and innovative methods to expand our business and offer the most creative, competitive and sustainable edge in environmental graphics.

Material Innovation For Environment Design

Vision Branding connected with material designers and researchers with the goal of continually growing our material library to adapt to next-level environment design that can be applied to interior and exterior signage, feature wall graphics and glass manifestations for office, retail and hospitality branding.

Anamorphic Design

Vision Branding engaged in talks with researchers of best practices in anamorphic design. Anamorphic design is a current trend in environmental graphics. The concept of anamorphic design is to create a graphic illusion in a 3D space. Though its not a new idea and can be seen in Roman cathedrals dating back to the 15th century, anamorphic design is being used in many global branded environments to achieve an interesting and unique environment.

Constantly Adapting To The Design Industry

At Vision, we believe in the importance of constantly adapting to the changing design industry and by attending international design conferences such as Design for Next we can ensure that our products and services use the most innovative methods to create dynamic environments. If you’d like to find out more about our range of services then give us a call now on +353 1 450 0622 or contact us online for more info!