Corporate Office Branding & Signage Solutions

What Is Corporate Branding?

Corporate branding can take many mediums through sponsorship deals, event sponsorships, retail branding and promotional goods. One of the most effective ways a brand expresses itself is through their offices and office branding.

Office Branding In The Workspace Environment

Architects often design the space and Vision advises both the architect and the client on the best way to communicate their brand in the workspace environment. This in effect is corporate branding and in order to adapt to the local cultures large global internationals are adapting their workplace branding to reflect the local culture, economy, art and market strategy.

From the exterior signage to the door nameplates Vision can assist in design, as well as completely manufacture and install the many different elements that creates the desired office branding. Some elements which should be considered for corporate branding are the following.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are produced on self adhesive vinyl, digitally printed wallpaper or we use fabric backed wallpaper from Vescom. All the vinyl wallpapers are then laminated to ensure a robust protection against scratching, peeling and fading of the images and print.

Glass Branding & Glass Manifestations

Most offices are now created with glass and glass partitions due to the acoustic advances in glass systems and the advantages of natural light transfer through glass rather than partition walls. Companies can use glass manifestations to address privacy issues as well as a canvas to brand the space. There are many types of frosted, etching or opaque films. They can all vary in opacity, colour and visible clarity depending on whether it’s aesthetics or function that is required more or even both.


A sign is the last thing that is usually installed on the building as it nears project completion. Signage is also one of the key elements that can greatly enhance the building or distract from the brand if done poorly.

Vision designs, manufactures and installs the signage based on the clients brand guidelines, the local architects design input and the planning authorities permissions. The signs can be large totems or exterior signs to internally illuminated interior signage and raised signage branding.

Corporate Branding Specialists

Over the years we have completed numerous corporate branding projects and have been able to develop an unrivaled expertise in the area. And, from our new expanded premises we can now offer companies even more branding solutions to meet their needs. To find out how Vision Branding can help you with your next corporate branding project give us a call now on +353 1 450 0622 or contact us online for more info!