Glass Manifestations: 5 Points to Consider

How Glass Manifestation Designs Can Liven Up Any Office

Using glass manifestations is a strategic way to create a stylish and inspiring work environment and it can help to reinvent any office space through the use of existing glass. In fact, there isn’t a need to make big changes when it comes to glass manifestation. Things like glass partitions and doors that are already there can be used to not only create a more engaging atmosphere but also to enhance the branding.

What are glass manifestations commonly used for?

They are typically used for safety (to prevent accidents resulting from walking into a glass partition or door), decorations, privacy, and to reinforce corporate branding. Glass manifestations give a professional look and feel to internal spaces and they can be more cost-effective and flexible to traditional screen printing and sandblasting.

What makes glass a strategic tool for office interiors?

Glass offers unobstructed views and the benefit of natural light. It also offers a feeling of openness within an office space. These qualities help promote a more energetic and positive office environment as well as serve as a morale booster, especially when compared to being stuck behind solid walls and impersonal cubicles.

Why is a bespoke glass manifestation design important?

Bespoke means a custom make glass manifestation. These manifestations add a creative touch to your office or workspace and also comply with safety guidelines.  Existing glass walls, partitions, some windows and gates must have some type of glazing material or etched pattern as a safety precaution to prevent a collision with the glass. This can happen if the glass is not visible…it doesn’t have any graphics, colours, or glazing.

How can glass manifestations enhance an office?

They can help to bring branding and even a splash of colour to an interior. Choosing the right colours and design for your glass manifestations requires taking into account the office interior decoration, the brand identity and the natural light. In return, it can provide a more stimulating environment in the office, which in turn also makes for a more productive workplace. And if you need a more private space for meetings or for an executive office, glass manifestations can do that as well, giving you the needed privacy without having to go through an expensive redesign.

How do you choose the right graphics?

Graphics on glass should have a unique visual effect as well as light-enhancing colours. They should enhance the light, not stop it. Natural light is an important aspect of keeping positivity in the workplace. The graphics should also be able to be seen and have the same look from both sides of the glass.

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