Project Overview

Vision Branding has been involved with the Guinness Storehouse since 2012. Over the past number of years Vision has implemented the branding & graphics for many crucial and high traffic areas in the main retail store, the taste experience bar, the welcome points and the tour area. Vision has produced & installed large suspended built up lettering with LEDs, digitally retouched old Guinness photos for wall art, produced large canvas prints & framing, as well as many types of light boxes and glass prints.

The Guinness Brand Brought To Life

For the testing room, one of the most important areas, we used back painted glass to suggest the idea of a pure gold bar.

This bar was cladded in 6mm back painted metallic gold paint matched to Guinness’s brand colours. The 3d logo was 20mm deep and bonded directly to the surface. Back painted glass and printed images on glass can have numerous versatile applications. The ceilings of reception desks, lobbies, bathrooms, and salons, can be created with custom made glass to enhance their aesthetics. The printing can have a degree of transparency so that light can make the image even more vivid.

Visitors appreciated the new look since the start. Watch the video to see the final result and the positive feedback from the client.

A New Branding Experience

Our production team particularly likes working with glass as it’s versatile and has myriads of practical applications. We have developed a core team that specialise in glass production and installation for many different types of products.

A project manager was assigned to liaise between Guinness internal teams, the building contractor, three different architect firms and our internal teams of designers, production experts and installers.

To highlight the heritage of the brand in the entrance, reception and queue areas, we recreated the feeling of the historic brewery on the walls by pixelating authentic old pictures.

Guinness Storehouse Branding Photos

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