Horizon Therapeutics HQ, Dublin

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About the Horizon Therapeutics HQ, Dublin Branding Project

Vision Branding worked with Horizon Therapeutics to create a consistent visual language across their six-floor workspace. Our main objective was to depict the vital role each individual – from patient to scientist – plays in the process of developing new medicines.

Central to Horizon’s mission are the patients and those who surround them: caregivers, families, researchers, and scientists. Our designs echoed this network of roles, emphasizing the human side of medicine, care, and dedication. We aimed to create a narrative that both symbolizes Horizon’s values and inspires those working there.

Our visual language, spread across the different floors, maintained uniformity while highlighting the unique aspects of each role. The project was an exploration of the intersection between innovation, medicine, and empathy, and we are proud to have helped bring this vision to life.

Acoustic Solution: Bass & Laser Etching

At Vision, our tailored approach to the Horizon Therapeutics project centred around crafting a cohesive visual language spanning six distinct floors. This deliberate visual communication, meticulously integrated using our in-house resources, fostered a sense of unity and thematic continuity throughout the space.

Integral to the project’s realization were our innovative stretch fabric acoustic panels and the sophisticated Vibe Laser wall acoustic panels. Leveraging our in-house laser equipment, equipped with a powerful etching and cutting tool, we brought a unique dimension to the acoustic panels and felts. This advanced acoustic engineering allowed us to produce truly distinctive and personalized designs, echoing the values of Horizon Therapeutics and ensuring their distinct style resonated seamlessly throughout the entire environment.

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