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About the Hubspot Dublin HQ Branding Project

At Vision, we were honoured to work with HubSpot, a leading force in the field of inbound marketing, sales, and service software. Together, we embarked on a journey to enhance their workspace, creating an environment that supports their dynamic team and innovative operations.

One of the key elements we brought to HubSpot’s workspace was a specially designed mobile partition screen. This screen wasn’t your average partition—it was a multi-functional piece of equipment that incorporated a magnetic glass whiteboard and an acoustic panel. This allowed HubSpot’s team to write, brainstorm, and share ideas on the go, while also contributing to a quieter and more focused environment.

Our design team carefully selected a variety of Camira fabrics, combined with a 25mm acoustic core, to construct the mobile partition screens. The choice of fabrics was crucial not only for their acoustic properties but also for their aesthetic appeal. They complemented HubSpot’s interior design, reinforcing the company’s vibrant brand identity.

These screens played a pivotal role in HubSpot’s workspace configuration, enabling the creation of flexible “huddle areas” where teams could gather for impromptu meetings or focused work. Due to their versatility and functionality, over 10 screens were ordered, facilitating the creation of multiple private spaces that cater to a variety of team needs.

We also enhanced the acoustic quality in HubSpot’s meeting rooms by installing Abstracta acoustic panels. These panels helped minimize noise distraction, making the rooms more conducive for productive discussions and focused tasks. We also integrated printed acoustic graphics systems, adding visual interest and brand-specific design elements to the functional acoustic solution.

Our collaboration with HubSpot was a testament to our commitment at Vision to create environments that inspire and facilitate productivity. By understanding HubSpot’s needs and reflecting them in our designs, we were able to create a workspace that is not just visually appealing, but also responsive to their dynamic and innovative operations. This project highlights the transformational power of thoughtful design and its potential to elevate the everyday work experience.

Architects: Henry J Lyons. 

Contractor: Sonica.