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About the Vision Studios Branding Project

The studio is an event centre, a design centre, a collaboration centre and a co-working space quite like no other. 

It has been described as the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory for design by quite a few visitors independently. 30,000 sq ft over 3 floors with a large range of office sizes from 2 person to 20 person allowing for total flexibility. 

We simply have so much diversity and skill sets working in the studio. Facilities include a 40ft by 20ft by 30ft infinity wall for photographic and video production. This also allows for presentations at events and launch parties. 

A truly unique boardroom & meeting room known as the ‘Sky Cave’, as it is suspended from the building infrastructure, is available for collaborators and visitors to use for brainstorming, presentations and events. 

There are also a number of reception areas, informal breakout areas and a canteen.  We are currently building a new bar for our hospitality area called the ‘No Horizons Bar’. We have over 12 small meeting pods and phone booths around the studio for quick impromptu chats and private phone calls. We have also placed in a sound booth for recording podcasts. 

Acoustic Solution: Wave, Bass & Glide

Vision produced and installed the Bass system for the fabric-wrapped edge walls for the Vision Creative Studios building offices. Another product that can be found in the building is Camira fabric-wrapped corrugated panels. Acoustic ceiling panels with floating LED light flow for boardrooms.

Wave—Corrugated Acoustic Panels

Bass—Stretch Fabric Acoustic Panels

Glide acoustic ceiling panel with LED lights integrated