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About the LinkedIn Stockholm Branding Project

In the world of corporate branding and design, Vision Branding holds a reputation for creating environments that embody the essence of a company’s values and culture. In one of our recent projects, we had the pleasure of partnering with Seek Design to work for LinkedIn’s Stockholm office.

The task was clear but complex: We were to develop and implement a branding and graphics package that marries the rich Swedish culture with LinkedIn’s corporate values and principles. The result had to be an environment where employees and visitors could sense LinkedIn’s global and innovative spirit intertwined with local cultural nuances.

To start, we wanted the branding to communicate the distinct ethos of both Sweden and LinkedIn right from the reception. Hence, we designed a feature art piece: a logo of LinkedIn made up of hundreds of wooden dowels. This unique reception logo not only represented LinkedIn’s identity but also mirrored Sweden’s rich woodworking tradition. Each dowel, meticulously crafted and arranged, demonstrated the synergy of individual parts contributing to a bigger picture – a metaphor for LinkedIn’s interconnected professional community.

Another standout feature was the table tennis bats adorned with international flags. This was more than just a decorative item. Table tennis bats, a nod to the popular recreational activity in tech companies, represented LinkedIn’s commitment to fostering a dynamic, engaging, and fun working environment. The international flags, on the other hand, symbolized LinkedIn’s diverse, global community. Together, they formed a piece that was both visually striking and imbued with meaningful symbolism.

At Vision Branding, we firmly believe in the power of visual communication and its role in shaping corporate culture and identity. Every design element we create, has a purpose. Whether it’s a wooden logo or table tennis bats with flags, they are all part of the narrative we weave to transform a workspace into a living, breathing embodiment of a brand.

Are you ready to transform your office space to reflect your brand’s values, inspire your team, and impress your visitors? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out.